Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Last of the Post Office Box 113 Adventure

Day 295 through 305

This begins and ends December’s letters and also ends this Post Office Box 113 – my year adventure with my post office box that my kids purchased for me for my 60th birthday. I renewed the box, so those who are writing to this Post Office Box can continue. Or if you haven’t had the opportunity to do so, now is your chance. I just won’t be tracking it here like I did the past year.

Day 295 – December 1st – One letter 

 Day 296 – Two letters

Day 297 – Zero letters

Day 298 – Post Office unexpectedly closed due to the memorial of our former President Bush.

Day 299 – Believe it or not, I ran out of time and missed going!

Day 300 – Four letters! Perhaps skipping two days makes a difference.

Day 301 – One letter

Day 302 – Three letters – and I didn’t even skip a day!

Day 303 – One letter – this was a mystery as there was no return address and the envelope felt really thick.  When I opened it, here it was… from hubby! He certainly tricked me.

Day 304 – Five letters and three of these were from my husband again, but this time with no return address, I suspected it was from him. 

Day 305 – December 13th - Six letters. This was my birthday and this was the day, a year ago, that I began this adventure and what an adventure it has been!  This is also my husband’s birthday AND our wedding anniversary!

And here is the total number of letters that I have received this year at my post office box: 296 (but not 365 days, as there were only 304 days that the PO is open, so that’s pretty close to being one letter a day average!

And this is the number of letters/pieces of mail that I sent out as I traveled to the post office (this includes my 200+ Christmas cards): 913… um yeah, I might have an addiction to writing letters, but it’s one addiction I don’t mind and I’ll continue as long as I’m able.

I’d like to take this time now to thank everyone and keep on writing those letters!  And not to just me, but to anyone you love or want to connect with.



And my two little stinkers

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Day 283 - 294

This ends November’s letters

Day 283 – One letter

Day 284 – Zero letters

Day 285 – Two letters – both of these were a surprise!

Day 286 – Zero letters

Day 287 – One letter

Day 288 – Three letters.  I had forgotten my key and asked the gentleman, who was relatively new at this post office, if he could retrieve my mail. He was happy to and when he came back, he said, “Oh sorry, all you have is three letters.”  I shouted, “Are you kidding? That’s a lot! Whoo-hooo!”  I’m sure he thought I was a little crazy.

Day 289 – Zero letters

Day 290 – Zero letters

Day 291 – I was actually too lazy to go out, busy doing all kinds of stuff at home.

Day 292 – Two letters – one was a small package from a dear friend I haven’t heard from in quite some time.

Day 293 – Zero letters

Day 294 – Two letters – one was a surprise package from a cousin who sent me some art – I had no idea he was artistic. Isn’t that fun?

And that concludes November.  Only 11 more days to go before this Post Office Box 113 adventure will come to an end. Oh, I’ll still have the Post Office Box, but not the daily adventure.