Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Grand Tea Party

Dear Mom,

I had a tea party with my two granddaughters, Lily and Logan. Although they’re not my blood granddaughters, I love them just the same.

Not having had a grandmother, I envied those I knew telling stories of their grandmothers—sweet, heart warming tales. I’m not trying to take the place of their real grandmothers’ —just hoping to create some nice, fun memories.

Our Grand Tea Party began at 8 AM. We planned the menu. We decided on our pretend names. Lily—Princess Penelope (the blonde), Logan—Princess Onion, and I was Queen Grandmother Vera Sunflower. We made from scratch mini blueberry muffins, teeny chocolate chip cookies, a green salad and fruit salad cut up extra small.

I had a mini banana bread and tiny maltballs that we added. We dug out their great grandmother’s (child size) tea set and washed it. Lily and Logan polished the silver spoons.

We decorated our hats making several trips to the attic and basement for silk flowers, ribbons, glitter pens and scarves.

Decorating was ongoing as we waited for things to dry or deciding on one more embellishment. We rummaged through my old clothes for dresses and shoes. I found some hot rollers and curled the girls’ hair while over exaggerating their faces with makeup.

They both wished their straight thin hair was full and curly. I told them if their normal hair was full and curly, they’d wish it was straight and thin, and that they had beautiful hair.

We set the table, put the food on, made sure our babies (Lizard Geoffrey, Onion Geoffrey and Baby Queen Bear) were dressed and ready and our official tea party began.

We talked in our finest English accents while we sipped our hot cocoa (because they didn’t like tea) and munched on our goodies.

At 4 PM we kicked off our shoes, put on our bathing suits and finished off the day in the hot tub. I don’t know if they’ll remember, but I surely won’t forget it.


  1. Delightful! Now I want to have a tea party! And a grandchild would be nice, too!


  2. Lynn - I'd say you have this grandmother stuff down pat (and could put many grandmas to shame). The girls are adorable and it is obvious they had ooh-gobs of creative fun!

  3. What a delightful thing to do with your granddaughters! (It makes me wish I'd had a grandmother.) And you did everything perfectly down to the last detail. What memories the three of you created together!

  4. Awwww...You are awesome. What a wonderful memory you created! Linda O

  5. wow what fun that was for your granddaughters...
    have so much fun doing other things with them!
    im sure they had alot of fun.


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