Sunday, July 20, 2014

I'm Here To Tell You...

The event on Not Your Mothers Book… On Family and On Being a Mom

was cool, but also on this mid-July evening in St. Louis the weather was cool - as 20 local contributors (Candace Carabus, Cathi R. Lamarche, Donna Volkenannt, Ellie Grossman, Jenny Beatrice, Laura Graf, Marcia Gaye, Mary Horner, PatriciaWahler, Renee Hughes, Sioux Roslawski, T'Mara Goodsell, Sheree Nielsen, Jamie Krakover, Laura Ray, Verna Simms, Melissa Fuoss, Victoria Nichols and myself) to the Not Your Mother Book series (On Family and On Being a Mom) gathered with co-editors, also local St. Louisan’s – Linda O’Connell (On Family) and Dianna Graveman (On Being a Mom).

Dianna and Linda

The book launch/signing/reading took place (7/15) at STL Books in Kirkwood, where owner, Robin Theiss talked about her store—a huge supporter of St. Louis writers and anything St. Louis, along with used, new and rare books. She introduced John Heithaus from Family Resource Center. Ten percent of all sales that evening were donated to Family Resource Center, an organization for abused and neglected children.

In addition to the local contributors, there were other local writers giving their support (Kim Lehnhoff, Teri Sanders, Lou Turner to name a few). I was happy to see my friend, Nancy. Her son recently opened a pharmacy in Kirkwood. My sister Sue and my two daughters, Jessica and Rita dropped in. I have such a good supportive family… as my cousin, Linda also stopped by.

Turns out, my sister Sue went to grade school with John (Family Resource Center) and after speaking with him, I realized he taught a PSR class one summer that my BFF and I attended. Small world.

That world got smaller when I realized Linda’s sister, Janice, used to work with Donna (contributor). Donna is also a great aunt to my daughter Rita’s boyfriend. Just goes to show, everyone seems to have some sort of connection with someone.

Linda, Dianna and Robin (along with other ‘behind the scene’ helpers) outdid themselves with tons of treats to eat and drink, and attendance prizes. Funny stories were shared and the event was a big success.

Be sure to stop in at STL Books anytime you’re in Kirkwood. If you have some spare change you’d like to donate, I’m sure Family Resource Center would love it if you helped their worthy cause.

Thanks Everyone!
Here I am in the middle of my two daughters (Left: Rita, Right: Jessica)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

And the Winner is...

The winner to receive Well Versed 2014 signed by the infamous WWWPs is:

Congratulations! Send me your address via email at: lober13(at)gmail(dot)com

This time, what I did: I folded each name on a piece of paper and instead of picking them out of a hat, I flung them up in the air and said, "whichever one lands closest to my feet, will be the winner."

And don't forget to waddle on over to the book launch/signing event tonight, see previous post!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Want to Win a Copy of Well Versed 2014?

 About a month ago, there was a book launch for Well Versed 2014. Now’s your chance to win your very own copy, signed by the infamous WWWPs (my critique group – we are all in this book).  Oh, and how do you win a copy? Just comment below and your name will go into a drawing and I’ll announce the winner next week! 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


For those of you who have been so kind to be tortured fulfilled in viewing my sketches every day for the past three months, I'd like to thank you. Yes, I blogged every day since April… I wanted to hold myself accountable to someone so that I would sketch every day. I’m pretty sure I got it down. So much so, I’ve decided to illustrate my own children’s book. I'm not sure if I have what it takes, but I'm willing to try. Oh baby. Since blogging daily and drawing daily takes up a lot of time, the only way I’m going to tackle illustrating a children’s book is by doing it. Something has to give. I’ll post once a week just to show you my progress… with drawing. Oh, and I still plan to tackle the thesaurus and drawing to the words, I’ll just be on a bit of a break from that for a while... I only have some 700+ words to go.

Until next week, enjoy and wish me luck!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy Birthday All June Babies!

I have been drawing birthday cakes for family and close friends for their birthdays. If you’ve had a birthday this month and you weren’t mentioned, and feel a little sad about that, then consider this yours!


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Mark!

Mark is another grade school friend. There’s a group of us who have managed to stay in touch on a pretty regular basis. In grade school, I always thought Mark would be some kind of actor or in the movie business… and I was right. He’s made movies and writes screenplays and writes for television. And it hasn’t gone to his head… he’s still nice. Happy Birthday Mark!