Thursday, October 31, 2013

Don't Forget Elaine Viets Mystery Book Signing

I posted about Elaine Viets Mystery Book Signing that will help The Lupus Foundation of America. So go to the blog now and get the details... it's just next week, Thursday, November 7!

And here's no mystery.... Happy Halloween to all my readers!  Read Lisa's post about her Howl-O-Weenie experience.

And Happy Birthday Frank-enstein!!!! You know who you are!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

It's All About Family

It’s official – my article, “It’s Genetic” will be featured in the upcoming Not Your Mother’s Book… On Family.

Publication release for this book is March 2014, so you’ll be hearing more about it as it gets closer.

I’m excited to share a story about my siblings. It began in 1994. My older sister, Sue invited her siblings (Warren, Ruth and me) to a St. Louis Cardinal’s baseball game. Just the four of us. We had such fun together that we decided to do something every year… just the siblings and we haven’t missed a “Sibling Day” since. You can read about an incident that occurred on one of those special days in this publication.

Don’t you just love the cover?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Elaine Viets Mystery Book Signing Helps Lupus

For all you readers and writers out there, or those looking to help support a good cause, I thought you might be interested in this book signing event with Elaine Viets -- native of St. Louis, Missouri where the event takes place. A portion of the proceeds goes to The Lupus Foundation of America. My brother went to high school with Elaine. (This is a St. Louis thing--"Where'd you go to high school?") I had the pleasure of listening to her at the Missouri Writers' Guild where she was the guest speaker and caused the audience to laugh silly. I'm honored to be in the same anthology with her, Storm Country, where Elaine was kind enough to help support that project for the Joplin Tornado victims. I was at another event Elaine did helping yet another cause. And those are the ones I know about! My cousin has Lupus, so I would love to be there, but I will be out of town. I will be purchasing a copy of her book. After all, it's signed and it helps a great cause. This is a win-win if you ask me.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

"Pay With Your Attention."

“Pay with your attention.” was quoted by a friend in a spiritual discussion. 

Good food for thought.

Anyone else have some good food for thought?

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Sometimes I’m a bit clutsy. Hard to believe, I know, I mean with all that grace going on in me. Not. I carry more than humanly possible to keep from going up and down the steps. Not sure why because heaven knows I could use the exercise. I don’t remember anymore what I had in my hands, but before I got to the top of the steps, I tripped.

Everything I carried, flung across the hardwood floor at the top landing while my body morphed into the steps. I teetered between laughing and crying. The pain in my leg, arms and fingers throbbed—not just a teeny throb, but a broken-bone-kind-of-throb. I couldn’t look at the disfigurement, so I put my head on the steps and bawled like a baby. I thought I sounded rather pitiful, but the noise didn’t send hubby running.

I heard him through my wailing, “Did you fall?”

“Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.” A whiney-cry all in one.

It felt like hours before hubby mosey’d on over, picking up all the goods that were sprawled on the floor. He then says, “Do you have shoes on?”

If I could’ve gotten up and thrown something at him, I would’ve. I’m claiming it was the shoes that caused me to trip, thank you very much.
“Yes, I have shoes on.” But how about, Honey, are you okay? Let me help you. Did you hurt yourself?

His early Marine training days clearly keeps him in the “tough it up soldier” mode. I’m pretty sure that man’s arm could be dangling from his shoulder, but not the right way mind you, and he’d refuse to go to the doctor and he’d tell me it’ll be fine. Now that’s tripping.