Monday, May 18, 2015

What? Words? What About Words? And Other Ramblings

Boy, I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I wrote a blog post. There are times when I consider not blogging. I haven’t read blogs in about as long. I fell off the grid. I finished the rough draft of my children’s book… illustrating.

I went to SLWG meeting presented by Catherine Rankovic on titles and designs of book covers. Most everything made sense and was useful. Then I heard someone ask a question about children’s books and it was said, “Never illustrate your own book.” I haven’t touched my book since.

The power of words. The power of other people’s words. That same afternoon of the workshop, I ate lunch and read through a dessert cookbook a friend had given me. Long story short, as I experimented, I burned my hand. Really, really bad. I was grateful I had just purchased some Lavender Essential Oil and I doused my entire hand with it. I was sure this burn was going to require emergency medical attention, but thanks to Lavender Essential Oil, you have no idea a burn took place.

After burning my hand, I resigned to take it easy on the couch and read. I pulled several books from my library. The book I ended up reading was Hidden Language Codes by R. Neville Johnston. If anyone thinks that God doesn’t have a plan, well, I’d like to debate.

In Hidden Language Codes it talks about the power of words. It opened my eyes. I’ve read things like this before. I knew these things about the power of words. Sometimes when I hear it a different way—boom, a light goes off… again.

The part about God and His plan… the thoughts about not illustrating my book were going through my head, along with ‘what shall I do today?’ on the day I burned my hand and that settled doing anything… but reading. What I read changed my attitude about so many things. More specifically… I may have heard, “Never illustrate your own book.” But I will. I will do it with confidence and joy.

Did everyone have a Happy Mother’s Day? I did. My two daughters came over and cooked me dinner. It was delicious! We napped. We chilled. It was a lovely, love-filled day. Thank you, Stinkers!

Here’s a few pictures.

 Jessica and Rita

Did anyone go to Listen To Your Mother event? I did. My two daughters came with me. (Thank you, Linda!) This event was fantastic and the three of us cried. I recommend going next year. This was the third year. I’ve gone to all three. Each year, I think, can it get any better than this? And it does. But then all stories from the heart are so touching. This year there were two men and bravo to them.

Oh and I went to two baby showers... one hosted by my stepdaughter, Jenn and she had the place decorated so cute. Another by my bff grade school friend... she's going to be a grandmother and she can't wait. Of course her decorations were cute too. Here's a cute idea for a watermelon baby shower:

My youngest daughter moved out of her place – and can I mention I helped and she’s border-hoarder? She will be moving into another place in due time. After the last load, she said, “Hhmmm, maybe I’ll become a minimalist.” I thought it was a good idea.

My Uncle George is dying. He’s my dad’s brother. My Aunt Lee will be the last of the nine siblings. When my sister’s and I visited Uncle George, he had moments of being his robust self. He was not careful with his words! Ha. We all laughed, as did he. And I wondered, when I’m in that place, will I have a filter?

For those who read this, thank you. I am ever so grateful. For those I read when I get around to it, thank you. You all inspire me.

With love…