Friday, January 23, 2015

Blogger Slacker

I just want to apologize to all my blogger friends out there... those who have been gracious enough to read this blog and comment. I have been a blogger slacker. Sometimes I'll take a quick peek at one of the many blogs that I follow, but lately I've been neck deep in stuff. Aren't we all though, too busy? But I have been doing creative stuff too... like writing a letter every day and drawing every day and journaling every day.

I have a website that I'm getting ready to take down and thought I'd incorporate some of it here in this blog... hmmm. You can see for yourself. I'm a bit wordy, I'll admit, but then, hey, I am a writer. But also as a writer, we are to be concise, to the point. My husband and son feel like I babble on before I make my point. I'm thinking it's the difference between how males and females like to tell stories. The men give no details, while the women probably give too many, but... I like details.

What about you?

At any rate, I love all you bloggers out there - and all of you other peeps out there. I'll get it together, maybe... but if you really want to hear from me... just say the word and I'll write you a word or two or three...

Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

Wait. What? I hadn’t blogged since November 2014? It’s 2015, in the second week no less.

I thought once 2015 hit, things would slow down a bit. Not so. January appears to be as busy as December. I’ve been contemplating what goals and intentions I’d like to set for 2015, but first a little recap for 2014... in the way of creativity.

I had submitted about 10 things for publication.
I had two articles published.
That’s it for writing, other than daily journaling and illustrating my children’s book, oh and the never-ending letter writing (by choice of course!).
I designed, drew, and created my own Christmas card.
I crafted handmade gifts for family and friends for Christmas.

Now, here’s what I sent out via the good ole postal service in the way of cards and letters: 809 items. If you include the family newsletters that I do quarterly, that brings the total to 1,321. Excluding the newsletters, I averaged 67 items per month. Not too bad.

I think I’ve talked about Letter Writing Month that is held in February. I decided that I’m going to write a letter/note a day. Why just do it in February? That might be a rather huge task, but at least it will keep me writing as I continue to illustrate on my book… that’s the other goal, to have the illustrated draft completed by the end of 2015 (if not sooner). Long term is to have it published by 2018 (if not sooner, again).

I’d like to challenge any of you to write a letter… say just one or two for the year. Anyone reading this, if they’d like a letter written to them, just let me know via email: lober13(at)gmail(dot)com and put LETTER in the subject line.

I have lots of other goals too, but… I’ll leave you with one of last year’s sketches…

Remember to keep the end result of your intentions in mind – the acting as if principal.