Sunday, June 30, 2013

We Will Survive: True Stories of Encouragement, Inspiration, and the Power of Song

I'm happy to announce, my story will appear in Gloria Gaynor's upcoming book!

You can pre-order your book now. Click on the image above, or go to Amazon. Two other friends of mine are in the book too, Linda O'Connell and Cathi LaMarche.

Not only that, Ms. Gaynor recorded a inspirational CD to go with the book--a 6-song EP and 4 of the 6 songs, she wrote herself. I can't wait to hear the music!

Hop on over to Amazon and order We Will Survive now. Thank you!

And more news... another story of mine will be in Well Versed~Literary Works 2013.

There will be a book launch on Sunday, July 14 in Columbia, MO.  If you're interested in going or purchasing Well Versed, let me know as I have pre-ordered several... and I'll be happy to sign it. Lots of special writers in this book too. Thank you!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Encouraging Creativity

I picked up my husband from the airport and while waiting in the baggage claim, the display window caught my eye. Inside hung beautifully illustrated birds drawn by elementary children. Then I noticed a book had been published, Bonkers for Birds (a book by kids for kids). How clever. It made me so happy to know some brilliant person encouraged creativity in these youth. I hope the kids realize this treasure… could make a night and day difference in how they view themselves in the future. Each bird colored and drawn with crayon was a different species and I loved each one.

 Displayed at Lambert St. Louis International Airport in St. Louis, MO

Were you encouraged to be creative as a young child?

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Christmas Time Again

For those of you who want a little taste of Christmas -- you know we are at the half way mark already -- Fifty Shades of Santa will be on sale for 99 cents through this month at Amazon.

Do you love romance? What about humor? Then you'll find this ebook for under a buck is just what you need... and what's not to love about romance, humor and Santa Claus?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What's in your wallet... err, on your dresser?

I was cleaning off my husband’s dresser because I was trying to locate something and here’s what I found instead. And he thinks I’m a clutter-collector?

·      2 manuals from the new spa control
·      5 gift certificates (I’m going shopping)
·      Frank Sinatra cd
·      Reader’s Digest
·      some miscellaneous piece to something
·      rubber band
·      paperclips
·      sunscreen
·      bazillion used golf score cards (maybe looking at these helps improve your game?)
·      receipts from mostly Home Depot, out the yang yang
·      various papers
·      a mouse pad
·      2 bandaids
·      3 foreign coins
·      13 cents in change (I was hoping for the big bucks – you know, finders keepers…)
·      pencils from the golf course (maybe he can take these back and get a discount because they wouldn’t have to re-order for awhile)
·      5 reading glasses (he’s always asking, have you seen my glasses – well, look under all the stuff on your dresser buddy!)
·      10 packs of Dentyne Ice
·      1 watch
·      17 plastic collar thingys
·      baseball cap
·      3 golf tags
·      5 floss toothpicks
·      2 cigar cutters
·      4 pens
·      2 markers
·      7 golf tees
·      9 golf markers
·      4 golf divit removers
·      2 books of matches
·      1 lighter
·      2 pocket knives
·      zipper pull
·      2 fancy name tags
·      cloth for cleaning eye glasses (for the eye glasses he can’t find)
·      13 business cards from misc people
·      24 business cards of his own

I'm pretty sure he has me beat compared to what was in my purse. So, what’s on your dresser?