Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What's in your wallet... err, on your dresser?

I was cleaning off my husband’s dresser because I was trying to locate something and here’s what I found instead. And he thinks I’m a clutter-collector?

·      2 manuals from the new spa control
·      5 gift certificates (I’m going shopping)
·      Frank Sinatra cd
·      Reader’s Digest
·      some miscellaneous piece to something
·      rubber band
·      paperclips
·      sunscreen
·      bazillion used golf score cards (maybe looking at these helps improve your game?)
·      receipts from mostly Home Depot, out the yang yang
·      various papers
·      a mouse pad
·      2 bandaids
·      3 foreign coins
·      13 cents in change (I was hoping for the big bucks – you know, finders keepers…)
·      pencils from the golf course (maybe he can take these back and get a discount because they wouldn’t have to re-order for awhile)
·      5 reading glasses (he’s always asking, have you seen my glasses – well, look under all the stuff on your dresser buddy!)
·      10 packs of Dentyne Ice
·      1 watch
·      17 plastic collar thingys
·      baseball cap
·      3 golf tags
·      5 floss toothpicks
·      2 cigar cutters
·      4 pens
·      2 markers
·      7 golf tees
·      9 golf markers
·      4 golf divit removers
·      2 books of matches
·      1 lighter
·      2 pocket knives
·      zipper pull
·      2 fancy name tags
·      cloth for cleaning eye glasses (for the eye glasses he can’t find)
·      13 business cards from misc people
·      24 business cards of his own

I'm pretty sure he has me beat compared to what was in my purse. So, what’s on your dresser?


  1. Too much crap to mention. However, I have seen purse/wallet contents used to create a character.

    What is in the purse or on the dresser of that teenaged journal writer of yours? ;)

  2. Dang! That's one clown-car of a dresser!

  3. Junk, junk, and more junk. But my husband's dresser is far worse than mine. In fact, I'm not sure it's possible to even SEE his dresser.

    Critter Alley

  4. You're brave to look...I don't dare disturb anything on my husband's chest of drawers - or six months from now, when he needs that one item he's searching for, he'll say that I took it.

    This is the man who tells me that I can't find any of MY stuff.

  5. Holy smoke! How big is his dresser? LOL I don't have a dresser anymore. Our master bedroom isn't that big, so when we traded in our old four poster for an iron bed (I LOVE it!) we also dumped the dressers and replaced them with one large chifferobe, too tall to store things on.

  6. My dresser is littered with junk and dust.

  7. I'm so happy right now that I don't have a dresser :)

    "cloth for cleaning eye glasses (for the eye glasses he can’t find)" was just precious!

  8. Oh, that is funny! I'm not telling what's on my dresser at the moment...I'm still in "unpacking mode." :)


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