Friday, June 17, 2011

Book Blurb Friday #14, #15 and #16

As some of you followers know, I had opted out for a while on doing the Book Blurb Friday's, however, I kept track of each week's even though I didn't participate. Today I wrote various things and one of which... previous BBFs. So if you want to skip over the old ones and read the latest, scroll on down.

It’s Book Blurb Friday #14. Hosted by the Lisa of Writing in the Buff. Head to Lisa Ricard Claro’s blog for BBF directions. Write a book blurb jacket in 150 words based on the photo provided that was provided that week by Kay Davies.

86 words.

Check Out Hotel

The hotel was noted for guests checking out early—hence it’s name Check Out Hotel. But why? No one would ever say after they checked out. Their lips were sealed. Like most folks who are inquisitive, they’d hear the rumors and decide for themselves. But every time, every person, checked out early. Or checked out completely. Obermoeller decided to break the silence and share her insight about Check Out Hotel. Read the tales of mystery… or if you’re brave enough check in at Check Out Hotel.


It’s Book Blurb Friday #15 based on the photo provided by Lisa’s son, Joey Claro.

101 words.

Beer Cans

Every time Obermoeller walked down the street, she’d see Beer Cans. Every time. She began to wonder what it meant. Was it a sign for her to quit? It began to haunt her. Soon she began to see Beer Cans not just on the street, but they’d show up in her yard, on her office desk, sitting on her kitchen counter. It didn’t matter where, there’d be Beer Cans. In her dreams the Beer Cans became alive and would chase her. Would Obermoeller finally get the hint and quit? Find out what happens when Obermoeller’s world is invaded with Beer Cans.


It’s Book Blurb Friday #16, based on the photo provided this week by Sioux Roslawski.

70 words.

100 Ways to Enrich your Life with Chocolate

Obermoeller’s big winnings at the Noir Menthe Casino was chocolate for life. A delivery showed up every week—100 bars of velvety rich minty chocolate. By law she was not allowed to sell it. Read Obermoeller’s 100 Ways to Enrich your Life with Chocolate and find out the unique and clever ways in which Obermoeller creatively disposes of her chocolate bars. A must read book for all the finest Chocolateries.


  1. Can't wait to read the ingenious way of ridding herself of the bars. But thing is, I'm not sure I'D WANT TO DO THE SAME. Chocolate is my life. LOL

    Okay, I am so intrigued by the BEER CANS also. Is she an addict? I would love to continue reading this one also.

  2. Very good! I like the idea behind Check Out Hotel and Beer Cans could be very funny - or very disturbing.
    100 bars of chocolate a week?? That's a facer . . .

  3. Disposing of chocolate - impossible!!!

    And while I find the Check out Hotel intriguing the beer cans would be far too scary for me to pursue that story.

  4. Three good ones, Lynn. But if I had 100 bars of chocolate a week, I'd probably eat them, and be Checking Out Completely within a month.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. You gave us a three-fer! Well worth waiting for, I might add. All are intriguing...I think my favorite is the last one, because I love chocolate so much. I bet Obermoeller has a ton of delicious recipes to put that chocolate to good use. :)

  6. You came back, and brought with you three great blurbs. (My favorite is the hotel piece-a great start to a killer thriller!)

  7. Obermoeller will be checking out without any help from the Check Out Hotel, if she indulges in that much chocolate and beer. But, what a way to go.

    Fun blurbs and I would love to hear what happens at the Check Out Hotel.

  8. #14 Ooh, creepy! I love it.

    #15 You too? Just kidding. I giggled my way all the way through this!!

    #16 You mean there are uses for chocolate other than guiltily shoving it into your mouth before anyone else in your family knows you are hiding it?? Wow. I need this book!


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