Friday, July 22, 2011

More Postcards

Dear Mom,

Not only am I receiving postcards through postcrossing, but a few smart folks are sending me postcards when they travel or just because.

This first card is from Amsterdam (Holland) – the area of the Netherlands confuses me most which I need to study and educate myself on geography.

I received another card from my friend Maya in Indonesia. I met her through postcrossing, but we send other cards to each other outside of postcrossing. It’s fun getting to know about her and where she lives. She blogs about all her postcards too.

Then I received a postcard all the way from South Africa from Victoria. She and her partner rode on the elephants!

Rita, who I featured today on my food blog traveled with her dad and siblings to see my son Casey in California. They stopped along the way and she sent me the Annie Oakley card from Flagstaff, Arizona where Rita informed me she wants to live some day and that Annie Oakley is one of her heroes. It says: Annie Oakley 1860-1926, Nicknamed “Little Miss Sure Shot”, Annie traveled many years with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Her accuracy with rifle and pistol astounded thousands who flocked to see the show. She once shot a cigarette from the mouth of Kaiser Wilhem of Germany.

Then she sent me a postcard from Bryce, Utah showing a Jicarilla Maiden (Apache) and it states: The typical Jicarilla woman’s dress consists of a beaded deerskin cape, a broad belt of black leather, a deerskin shirt, and the hair fastened at each side with a large knot of yarn or cloth. Photo by Edward S. Curtis, 1904.

Not long after, I received this postcard from my friend Sue in Japan. I’m pretending that it is her cat and my cat getting together for a chat.

Okay, that’s my post on postcards.

Oh and the stamps from the Netherlands, South Africa and Indonesia:


  1. I think I've mentioned before, I wish I had postcards from my father-in-law's travels. As to Flagstaff...we were stranded there for a day once when our car broke down. I'd love to live there, too. Beautiful country.

  2. You are getting quite the cool collection of postcards, Lynn! I love the Annie Oakley one. I did quite a bit of research on her for a story I once wrote. She led a fascinating life!


  3. Lynn--
    I went to your food blog and then onto your daughter's..She does interesting things with "garbage."

  4. ok the thing about the cat.. love it.


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