Tuesday, August 14, 2012

RitaBook’s Birthday and More on Greed and Lies

Dear Mom,

In my last letter to you, I told you the saga of the sign post. Seems the subdivision wasn’t too happy with the judge’s decision—even though prior to going to court, they wrote Norm and returned his check, stating we’ll let a judge decide. They obviously thought they were going to win. Norm goes back to court later this month, again. It’ll be interesting to see what new lies they come up with…

Now on to happier news. A quarter of a century ago, I gave birth to my youngest daughter, Rita. She nicknamed herself RitaBook. Some people don’t get it and she has to explain: Read A Book. She’s the crafty/artsy one of Egabrag Crafts. And the short film maker – "Maison Des Rêveurs." The one with four doggies. I babysat for two of them this weekend. She rescued these two little stinkers.

Gramma (red collar) Doc (smaller one)

Gramma and Doc sleeping

Rita was due on 8/8. A week or two before my due date, her father decided he needed to go see his sister and planned to be gone a week. It wasn’t like his sister was dying or anything. He just decided. What? Jessica was 2 and Casey was 4. It wasn’t like I couldn’t handle them without him, because… ahem… he wasn’t around much, but to leave before I’m going to give birth? Yeah, let me just pack a few extra bags and stuff the children in them.

Needless to say I was aggravated. We had an agreement that if I gave birth to a boy, he’d name the baby. If it was a girl, I’d name her. A part of me wished I had gone into labor while he was gone and that I’d give birth to a boy… because then I’d name him. That was going to be my revenge. He would have been named after his Uncle Russ.

But I was late, as the case with all my children, and Rita was born a week after my due date. Rita was this happy, shining bundle of pure joy. She has a heart as big as the moon. She’s funny, smart, creative, sweet, hard working, beautiful, loving, respectful, and the list goes on. My miracle baby and I love her so. Happy Birthday Rita! xxxo



  1. Lynn--One, thanks for providing a link to your last post. Somehow (in the flurry of getting my classroom ready?) I missed it. What did those folks think they were doing--doubling (or more) the money each time? I hope you and Norm prevail once again--and take it all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

    Two, I've never met Rita, but I've seen her handywork--even have a couple of her "pieces"--and you are not exaggerating. She is a gifted girl...quite artistic, just like her mother.

  2. I love the name RitaBook!!!! Clever. Nice post and I hope that sign thing dies for you soon...so unbelievable.

  3. Rita is all that and more! What neat siblings I have who give me these fabulous nieces and nephews! Thanks for sharing RitaBook with us.

  4. Your baby girl is adorable. A very happy birthday to Rita!

    Critter Alley

  5. Happy birthday to your very beautiful, talented girl! So creative in multiple mediums. Her button rings are cool---neat idea! I wish I had that kind of eye for things, to be able to take something ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary. You have reason to be proud!

  6. You are ALL so interesting! This is one blog that, if I don't show up, I truly miss something!

  7. She's beautiful! Glad she didn't come early and that YOU got to name her. Hope all works out in your guys favor with the bad neighbors.

    Kathy M.

  8. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! And I love RitaBook.

    Keep us posted on the neighborhood saga. Those subdivision clowns sound like a pack of jackals.

  9. Awwww... I love that as moms we can celebrate our children's birthdays too.

  10. Awww! Happy belated birthday to RitaBook!!! Adorable baby, and sounds like your whole family is clever and talented.

  11. Mom, you are so sweet. Thank you for the kind words, they warm my heart like a toasty campfire. You are the best Mom ever. I love you! Miracle Mother!
    <3 ritabook

  12. Ritabook, a clever child, a brilliant artist, wonderful daughter...happy birthday.


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