Thursday, September 6, 2012


Dear Mom,

I’m not the one who turned 40, as I’m gearing up for double nickels. The one who turned 40 is your grandson, Jason. My nephew. I’ve written to you about my nieces, so now it’s time for the nephews and since Jason just turned 40…

Wow. Seemed like I had just turned 40. Jason asked me how old I was.

“I’ll be 55.”

He was all Wow too and said, “You can’t be that old.”

I reminded him that if he was 40, I could very well be that old.

I had graduated from 8th grade when I stood up for Jason as his Godmother. Now that does seem like lifetimes ago when I think about everything in between.

Jason’s professional name is DJ Jay because he is a... yeah, deejay. I think he prefers to be called Jay, but I’ll always call him Jason. He has his own business: Goodrich Entertainment (Live Bands, DJs, Karaoke, Trivia).

I’ve never had the pleasure of watching and hearing Jason do his thing because I’m usually in bed when the gig is just beginning, but from the talk of the grapevine, he knows how to play and move the crowds. Jason loves what he does—and who can argue that? I love it when people do what they love.

A little belated Jason, but hope you had a great 40th birthday!

Oh, and if you’re ever in need of what Goodrich Entertainment can provide, send Jason an email: GoodrichEnt (at) live (dot) com. 

Jason and Lynn at Jason's 40th party


  1. I agree. When people love what they do, it's wonderful. (Life is too short to NOT be passionate about your work.)

    What a nice-looking young man your nephew is. Thanks for sharing a bit about your family, Lynn.

  2. Happy birthday, Jason. I turned 40 this year and still can't quite believe it. Glad you are doing something you love.

  3. Happy Birthday, Jason! Great picture of the two of you, Lynn.

    Kathy M.

  4. Happy belated birthday, Jason. Enjoy doing what you love 'cause it really makes a difference!

  5. Happy birthday to Jason! The pic of the two of you is terrific. Neither of you looks your age!

  6. I've discovered the only thing that puts a damper on celebrating the birthdays of children, nieces, and nephews is my own disbelief. "How can I possibly be the aunt/mother of someone that age??"

    Critter Alley

  7. Happy birthday to Jason! The two of you look a lot younger. I too once diapered a nephew who I think turns 40 this year. Oofdah! Very cool, though, that you were chosen to be a godmother in 8th grade. You must always have been an old soul in a young body...!


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