Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Few Things I Learned While Snowed In

Dear Friends/Family,

Here’s a few things I’ve learned while snowed in:

1) When I stay in my pajamas all day, it takes the fun out of getting into my jammies (but I’ve suffered)

2) Stashing Christmas cookies in the freezer doesn’t keep me from eating them.

3) Just because my world shut down doesn’t mean everyone else’s has (sorry fellow bloggers, I’ve been in my own world, eating cookies in my pajamas).

Seriously though, I’m taking a little hiatus—those html and programming skills that I learned a year ago are being put to the test. I have a project to do. Perhaps I’ll be back at the end of January… and until then…

Growth begins as I discover the truth within.


  1. Oh Lynn, I have learned those very things! Ha-Ha. I love hibernating in January...hope your project goes well!

  2. I'll bet stashing Christmas cookies in the freezer didn't take any fun out of eating cookies!

  3. How did I miss this post? It slipped by me...

    Yes, I've tried freezing cookies, and have found that some cookies are just as good frozen as they are at room temperature (I have so little self-control, I don't even wait until they can thaw).

    I bow down to you. When you speak that computer mumbo-jumbo, my eyes glaze over...I don't speak that language.

    Good luck. I know this is a big project, but you're more than capable of successfully completing it.

  4. Well. Take a quick peak at my first post today, cuz you are in it!

    Love you ... best of luck on your project, Lynn.


    Kathy M.

  5. Well by golly miss Molly, you have earned the right to stay in your jammies and munch all you want.

    Programming? Oh my head hurts thinking about it. Have fun.

  6. I have some pajamas that feature a cookies and milk motif, which makes me feel like I am more in tune with the universe when I eat cookies while wearing those pajamas. I highly recommend it. And good luck with your project!

  7. This post made me laugh because I did the same thing. Everyone should have a pajama-wearing, cookie-eating, snowed in vacation from time to time!

  8. P.S. LOVE the quote at the end of the post. Is it yours? May I quote you?

  9. Sounds like you toughed it out like a champ. :)

  10. @Bookie - I think most writers know this :-)
    @Val - Yes, still had fun eating them.
    @Sioux - you didn't miss it as I had just posted it. I'm the one missing all the blogs.
    @Kathy - thanks for the post, you're a sweetie.
    @Linda - I can't believe I'm actually working on the code side rather than the design side. Now that's a miracle.
    @Mary - love your pajamas, I think I might need some like that :-)
    @Tammy - the quote is not mine. I don't know who it's by, it was on a box of some note cards.
    @Lisa - not too hard to tough it out!
    To all - thanks for stopping by.

  11. Oh Lynn, I love this! I've spent many a day in my jammies, too...except for when I had to put clothes on to take Vern outside! :)
    I couldn't possibly put the neighbors through a sight like that! And I'm with the others....html talk?? OMG, it's the same as math! :)

  12. Jammies and cookies sounds like a great idea to me...especially in this weather.

    Critter Alley


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