Saturday, March 29, 2014


My dear friend, Tammy at Message in a Bloggle tagged me in this blog chain, and then I found out that Val at Unbagging the Cats did too! It started with Margo Dill and this thing has been going around like wild fire. So much so, I think everyone has been tagged. Oh wait, there might be a few peeps I know...

But first let me tell you that Tammy, who is part of the critique group that I'm in (who was tagged by Sioux who is another member of our critique group). Tammy has jaw-dropping prose that on some occasions makes me want to quit writing. At least quit writing the way I do and make it better. And Val is so funny with her writing, that I will have to give up on humor writing. Period. Each style is different, but oh, so good.

I’m to answer the following four questions:

1) What am I working on?  I will keep this simple. Nothing at the moment. I’ve been on a little hiatus from writing... other than the 'occasional' letter.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre? I have no idea how to answer that other than, my work is epistolary and most epistolary types are a back and forth type. Mine is just one-sided, like a diary, but it’s not a diary.

3) Why do I write what I do? Because I love epistolary. What’s more fun than writing letters? And then using that form to create stories. I can thank my niece for that idea. (Maybe it was just a way to stop me from writing her so many letters.)

4) How does my writing process work? It’s different each time. Depends on my mood. Sometimes I’m structured and have a routine. Other times, I jump in when I’m feeling the flow. And when I'm not feeling the flow... I write a letter.

Now to drag this chain to the next authors… Claudia at Claudia's Page was the brains behind Storm Country, and how I became to know Claudia. Not only does she write wonderful prose, but she's a poet too. She's always reading some interesting books (that I have to add to my long list of reads). Claudia has a big heart.   

Estrella at Life's a Stage is a creative gal and a writer. She just recently posted Five Great Reasons to be a Writer, and what's not to love about being a writer? I find out about all kinds of cool things from Estrella in the way of creativity. When I was participating in the Month of Letters, she asked if I'd be willing to write to someone and told me about More Love Letters. Estrella has a big heart too!

And very soon I will share a way cool art/journal workshop I had the pleasure of being in... stay tuned!


  1. Lynn--Perhaps you could do a mini-workshop about journaling?

    And now I'm off to check out Estrella...

  2. Love it, and love your unique style. Thanks so much for the kind comments...and for participating in the first place!

  3. Lynn, I know exactly what you mean about reading other writers' work, and thinking....WOW! I could never write that___________. (Fill in the blank!)
    But you write beautifully and up at the top of any lists...including mine!

  4. You write great prose too, Lynn. I love some of it I have read. Love your letters too! Real letters!

    Thanks for the blog invite. I will try to get to this soon as I can. Poor Biscuit has hurt herself this weekend and I see yet another trip to vet. I can't stand pain on anyone or anything!

  5. Oh, to be structured and have a routine! Even SOME of the time. You've got me there.

  6. Good stuff, Lynn. I enjoy reading about how other writers work. Whatever you're doing--it is working well!

  7. It was fun to read a little bit about your writerly world.

    Critter Alley

  8. How fun to get to know a bit more about your writing (and since the time of posting this, your doodling! - Love it!)

    Thank you so much for thinking of me, Lynn, you are a doll!
    I'll finally be posting my answers to these questions above tomorrow - stay tuned :)


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