Friday, March 18, 2016

Sioux’s Book Blurb Friday #6

It’s Sioux’s Book Blurb Friday #6. To learn more about Sioux’s Book Blurb Friday, check out Sioux’s blog. You basically write 150 word book blurb based on the picture:

My 60 word blurb:

Tashma Bleu was told by the garden shop that if she placed this ancient brass statue in her yard, she’d never have to worry about men controlling her again. Since Tashma Bleu just ended her seventh marriage, she was willing to try anything. Find out in this intriguing tale the men that come into Tashma’s life and what happens.

NOTE:  As you can see, I’m not good with names and used the same one I did last time (which I'll admit, I had help on!)
ALSO, check out my previous blog about winning a book! Just comment and you’ll be in the drawing – to be announced on Easter!


  1. Now, if putting the statue in my garden would bring Viggo into my life, I'd do it immediately.

    Great photo AND great blurb. You can do it in a very succinct way.)

  2. Well, with the power of her four brass statue hands, Tashma could slap any controlling men who got fresh with her...

  3. Haha...this would be chick lit at its best. Well done. lol

  4. Wish I had a magic statue that could make me less gullible...:) Great blurb!


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