Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Smeagol Likes to Help

Dear Mom,

The other day I was getting my Bunco gifts together and who has to get in on the action? Smeagol. He’s so cute, I could hardly get upset with him.

He follows me everywhere and wants to help with everything. Not that he really is a lot of help. When I’m reading or writing (with a pen), he’s climbing on my lap, trying to get right on top of the paper or the book. When I’m typing on the computer, he wants to walk on the keyboard. When I’m throwing laundry into the dryer, he likes getting in there.

If my husband is fixing something in the cabinet with the receiver equipment for the television, Smeagol’s right there.

Or when I'm in the kitchen.

Smeagol plays around in the sink when he follows us into the bathroom.

If he were quiet (like most cats) it wouldn’t be so bad. No matter where he goes or what he’s doing, he meows, meows, meows. I recognize his “I’m hungry meow.” Or his “Let me out on the back screened porch meow.” (Although that is usually followed with him running ahead of me so I will follow.) Most of the meows must be his begging for attention. Right now he is rubbing his face into mine—his way of kissing me—that beats when he bites me on the ankle for attention.

And like all of us who have pets, well… you just can’t help loving them no matter what they do.


  1. Smeagol is the cutest, funniest cat I have ever seen!! He is adorable!! I want to come over and visit him...er, I mean YOU! :D

  2. Smeagol is so beautiful! What a pretty kitty, and full of personality. I never understand people who think cats aren't affectionate.

    Tabby sends her regards, too!

  3. Awww, how cute Smeagol is! It's easy to see why you love him. Great pictures!

  4. I have been missing you and Smeagol. He is a sweetie, My cat was very affectionate too.

  5. Oh I love you cat! Becky sent me to visit you since I have a white cat with a few black markings. His name is Charlie and he is 11 yrs old. Such a sweetie he is, sleeping at my feet right now. I know what you mean when you say he helps. Charlie 'talks' a lot also. I wouldn't know what to do with out him! Your Smeagol is too cute and I love all the photos!

  6. Smeagol is such a cutie, and so much like my 3 cats, always in your footsteps and wanting to help with everything. I especially like the washing machine photo!
    Great photos, a day in the life of Smeagol :)

  7. Thanks everyone! Thanks also to the new blogger friends! I appreciate all the kind words.

  8. Sounds like Smeagol and Bogey are kindred spirits!



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