Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where'd the Summer Go?

Dear Mom,

I love gardening, but I didn’t do too much this summer. It had been hot and humid or rainy. I had more desire to write than do anything else. I also decided that I would save all my gardening energy for the fall as I needed to split and transplant my hostas. Usually exhausted by this time of year from working in the yard I never get around to doing that task . But wait, it can’t be time yet. Can it?

The cooler weather makes it perfect and so I started digging up the hosta. The first day I dug up two and after splitting them, I ended up with 24 to replant. Digging the hole is the hardest part in my yard so the smaller the plant, smaller the hole. Beat after doing two, I meandered back inside. Along the way I counted how many I had left. I stopped counting after 50 so as not to overwhelm myself. Even at two a day, I’ll never finish before the ground turns hard.

Where’d my pen go?


  1. Hostas do seem to multiply faster than a supercharged calculator, don't they?


  2. We can't keep up with ours either. They are absolutely huge and out of control, but I like them. You know the ones we split and replanted when you and Ruth came and helped us landscape--those are now huge now and could be split already!

  3. Sheesh, Lynn! Better be careful, or you'll hurt your hand, or back, or arm...or some important part!! I think you need to hint around about needing some help in the garden! :)

  4. Cooler weather is kinder to nature, isn't it? Enjoy.

  5. Hostas are the plant that keeps on giving, that's for sure. I love them, though, and have many in my yard. I have a couple of monsters I need to split, but. . .it isn't a hobby, it's a career!


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