Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Dear Mom,

My stepdaughter Robyn and I made spiders for Logan’s school Halloween party. Figured Halloween was a good time to display them.

It’s also Frank’s birthday – so Happy Biooo-thday Frank-enstein! I always have to incorporate some kind of Halloween message on his birthday—after all he was born on Halloween.

When Ruthie and I were little, you had us make our own costumes with brown paper grocery bags. On the bottom, we’d cut out a big enough circle to go over our heads and then two smaller circles on either side for arm holes. We’d then get out the crayons and color some kind of picture on the rest of the bag. Ruthie had a BooBoo mask and I had a Yogi Bear mask, and every year we’d Trick or Treat in the neighborhood. Yogi Bear and BooBoo, year after year. I often wondered what the neighbors thought—there they are, the Moellering girls, so creative. Did people laugh behind our backs? We didn’t care so long as we got the goods. I couldn’t handle when someone asked me to do a trick or if I had a joke. I’d shake my head no and feel my heart drop thinking I wouldn’t get any candy, but they always gave me some anyway—probably felt sorry for me with my costume and all.

Have a safe and fun Halloween and booo careful.


  1. Oh, my...the same costume every year?! Love that you didn't mind as long as the "goods" rolled in. We always made our costumes, too. Some were good, some were pretty lame, but we always had a good time.

  2. wait... im pretty sure i remember doing that paperbag thing myself when i was really little. did we ever do that? or am i making it up.


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