Thursday, August 4, 2011

Family of Five Fox

Dear Mom,

Occasionally I’d see a red fox in the yard. They are rather sly. One I believed I told you about had jumped to the island in the middle of our pond, snatched a duck egg, leaped back and ran into the woods—all in the matter of seconds. Really, seconds. The graceful creature didn’t miss a beat.

I don’t know if the fox was male or female. Who could tell with the quick movements, but I gather it was one of the parents to the five young fox I saw the other day.

Writing in my bed—my favorite most producing place to write, my cat Smeagol jumped up from a deep catnap and stared out the window from the headboard. Curious, I looked. Holy cow. One, two, three fox. No, four. Wait, five. I watched as intently as Smeagol… for different reasons.

One fox lay on the driveway not moving. I wondered what was wrong with him. His siblings would take turns checking on him. Sniffing. Giving him a little tap. Making him roll over. Jumping over him.

When one was on duty, the others would frolic in my garden. Bouncing into the grassy bushes, leaping over the Knock Out Roses, chasing one another. They dashed about playing, and keeping an eye out for Mr. Something’s Wrong Fox.

I finally grabbed my camera. I didn’t think the pictures would come out very good because I had to shoot them through the window with a screen. However, they weren’t too bad.

I worried about Mr. Something’s Wrong Fox until he eventually jumped up and started mingling with the others.

Mr. Hunter Fox had something dangling from his mouth, dropped it and snarled at the other two who were looking for a handout. “No way! Get your own. This one’s mine!”

The other two went off and told secrets about Mr. Greedy Hunter Fox.

He didn’t eat whatever it was, and when they all trotted off down the driveway, I went outside to examine the catch that Mr. Hunter Fox left on the rock.

I think it’s a mole, and well I’m glad Mr. Hunter Fox nabbed it, although I’m sure there’s plenty more where Mr. Mole came from. But that’s life in the woods.

Tired after all the playing, they headed home.


  1. thats so cool. and also, i love how you posted a picture of a bloody decapitated mole at the end. NSFW!

  2. Wow, Lynn. I love this post. The photos came out great, and the story that went along with the photos was great.
    Donna V.

  3. Adorable! So glad that there was nothing wrong with the fox. I can live with losing a few moles or two on their behalf!

  4. Wow! That had to be fun to watch! Once when we were at a campground in Florida a mother fox came out of a wooded area under the boardwalk at dark each night and brought her two kits with her. It was fun to watch them romp.

  5. What an amazing pictorial. I've only seen a fox once in my life and considered myself lucky.

  6. Wow, Lynn, you sure got a lot of great photos of the foxes. When we were little, my cousins other Grandma kept one for a pet out in a backyard cage. Probably very illegal by now.

    I loved the post above about Jenn too.

    Hope you have a wonderful week!



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