Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Flower of the Week – Black Eyed Susan

Dear Mom,

Now for my favorite flower! Black Eyed Susan’s. I suppose they are similar to the Daisy which are your favorite.

I can’t remember if I told you the story about my attempt at growing these. Before I moved in with Norm, I had Black Eyed Susan’s in my yard growing like crazy. I figured I’d be able to plant them in Norm’s yard as there were plenty of sunny areas in the front. I tried year after year and they never came back. I gave up. I decided I’d enjoy all the other flowers.

One day as I went into the back yard, which was all shady at the time, I saw a patch of something unrecognizable. I wondered what it was. I remembered Ruthie telling me if I liked it to let it grow, but if I didn’t to pull it. A weed was only a weed if you wanted it to be. I liked how the clump of green filled up the bare area, so I left it. Some weeks later I noticed buds on it and I got really excited. I couldn’t imagine what it could be that was wild and was going to bloom.

The next thing I know, the Black Eyed Susan popped out. I did my little happy dance and I thanked God for the gift. We lost many trees in the back and my shady area turned sunny—perfect for the Black Eyed Susan’s. They’ve multiplied as you can see.

Norm keeps telling me to quit planting them because we have enough. I keep trying to tell him I’m not doing a thing. He doesn’t believe me. But it’s true. I’ve never planted one Black Eyed Susan in the back yard.

Each year I’m given more gifts. I had been pulling them out of some areas, but I think I’m just going to let them take over. Why not? How beautiful would that be?


  1. They are beautiful! I'd never pull out a single one, and just wait and see where they show up!

  2. I think they're pretty, too, and somehow perfect for this time of year!


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