Monday, December 19, 2011

O'Christmas Tree

Dear Mom,

I showed you a few of my children's handmade ornaments when they were little and here are a few hand-made by others.

My cousin Peggy painted this:

My friend Michele made this star and you can check out her website at wildstarcreations. She makes beautiful earrings, necklaces and suncatchers.

This sled was made out of popcicle sticks by my sister's father-in-law:

When I did research on my great aunt who spent 30 years in Farmington State Hospital (it's now called Southeast Missouri Mental Health Center) there was a gift room where items made by patients were sold. I had to pick up these:
This snowman is made from an acorn. You might not be able to tell from the photo how big that acorn is, but it's bigger than any I've ever seen. There are trees on the property that have these huge acorns.

This Santa was made from the bark of a tree:

The following are my kids' ornamnents made by parents of the PTO or teachers. I'm sure they hang on a lot of trees.

As the holidays approach, my adult children in from out of town, and no baking done yet and a project I have to finish before the big day, I'll see you all after Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all! And to all, thanks for following me.


  1. I've got lots to do, too, and time is slipping away.

    I hope you have a wonderful time with your kids and the rest of your family.

  2. Such beautiful ornaments, Lynn! I'd love to know how the white show of the skate is made. It looks like the runners are paper clips. Very cute! You have talented friends and family, too. Merry Christmas! Have a fun and festive week or two....or more! Hugs :)

  3. Thanks Sioux! You have a wonderful time too!
    Becky - it's white felt (I actually made those :-) and it's stuff with batting of some sort - it was so long ago I can't remember. And yes, the skates are paperclips. I did roller skates too out of red felt with snaps as the rollers and with green stitches as the tie strings.

  4. Sweet ornaments. I have some similar to a few of yours. Just got back from ER with hubby and kidney stones. 2011 is really getting tiresome! YOU have a great day!

  5. I'm so sorry Claudia - I hope hubby is okay. It is exhausting and I hope 2012 is a better, healthier year!

  6. Hi Lynn,
    What an uplifting post. Love your ornament collection.

  7. Cute ornaments, Lynn! I have a clothespin reindeer on my tree, too!

    Critter Alley

  8. The handmade ornaments are the loveliest. We have only unbreakables on the tree this year because of Luna kitten, and I have to say it looks great without all the fru fru!

  9. Thanks Pat!
    Lisa, I guess I'm lucky as our cat seems to just like sleeping under it. He did manage to knock one ornament off and batted it around a bit.

  10. Home made are the best, because of the stories associated. I love the acorn, but it reminded me of one time that I collected them for a project and a week later Isaw what I thought was Cheerios all over the a table. It was the little white worms that were inside the acorns. UGH!

  11. Lynn, what precious ornaments you have! It is so nice to put the ornaments that we have had for years on the tree, isn't it? When I do that, I think of the person (if I know them) and the ornaments bring back special memories.

    Thanks for the tour of your tree!

    Kathy M.

  12. Thanks Kathy... love the memories that go with the ornaments!

  13. Even your friends and family are talented and creative!


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