Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hanging Out O'Christmas Tree

Dear Mom,

A friend Tammy posted: Hangin' with my Uglies--about Christmas ornaments--the cherished ones. I love homemade ornaments from kids... from anyone actually. I'm stealing Tammy's idea and posting my own ornaments, but I think I'll call it, Hanging with my Beauties...

Here's the oldest ornament I have. I was 17 and worked at Ben-Franklin in downtown Ferguson. A co-worker made this for me. I feel terrible because I can't remember her name now. I can picture her face though.

Next are various handmade ornaments from my children. Casey's hand is the base for this Santa:

Jessica's thumbprint made this design:

Rita created this with an upside down heart. The pom-pom stuck on one of the eyes cracks me up:

I'm not sure which kid made this one and I'm surprised it hasn't turned moldy. I don't know what is inside all those cloves:

The next two are more of Jessica's:

Rita was a little crafter way back. She sewed this Santa by hand. You should check out her site on Etsy or her Egabrag Crafts blog.

HO HO HO, Merry Christmas!


  1. Lovely post, Lynne. I have very few things left. I have cleaned out and given the boys some of their own things, although I think the daughters in law pitched them. Oh well, memories can't be tossed. I remember: waxed ornaments of my own childhood, Cub Scout ornaments we made together as a family and a den, a godmother's gift ornaments, a St. Louis neighbor's ornament to remember her when we left the city!

  2. Very cute, Lynn!! I still have some of those hand made ones, too.

  3. Awww...those are beauties indeed! And I think our kids' teachers must have gone to some of the same ornament-making workshops!

  4. Bookie, Becky and Tammy - thank you. Ornaments can have such fond memories.


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