Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Storm Country: The Anthology Book Launch in Joplin!

Dear Mom,

The launch party, reading and signing of the book, Storm Country: The Anthology held in Joplin on Sunday was a huge success. I’m not sure where to start.

It was held at the at the Spiva Center for the Arts. Slowly but surely people trickled in and before I knew it, it was a packed room.

Deb Marshall, President of the Missouri Writers Guild started things off by introducing the youth that were part of the book. She presented each one with a certificate.

They had also received a copy of the book and they had been busy signing their names to everyone’s copy.

Deb then presented the librarians with a check for $3,000! (Money raised from the sale of Storm Country—and there’s more to come.)

The youth then read their poems. After that, other contributors could read their story or poem.

Rosalie Carol Linda Bonnie (I forgot to snap her picture while she read)

Here’s the President of the Joplin Writers Guild, Clauida, who came up with the idea to create the book. Yay Claudia!

I read part of my story—starting from the part when I had finally heard Geoffrey was alive because Gwen had seen him and called her sister, who posted it on Facebook. Both Geoffrey and Gwen were at the event! Here we are (Gwen to the left):

After the event was over we went out to eat and that's when I had the honor of meeting the family that had picked up Geoffrey and took him in after the tornado hit. After dinner, Geoffrey showed us some of the devastation and holy cow, it’s really hard to wrap my head around what I was viewing. Unbelievable—and I’m sure what I saw wasn’t anything like it was when it first hit.

It was a long day, but worth every minute.

Again, I can’t thank everyone enough for all their efforts in making this possible. And Susan and Rita, thank you for riding with me and helping at the event.


  1. Hi Lynn,
    Thanks for sharing the photos and reporting on what happened. It sounds like you had an extra special time.

  2. Hi Lynn:
    What great photos and what a wonderful experience, makes me want to write! Thanks for coming so far to share in this day.


  3. A few more outings like that, and the Joplin libraries will be filled with new books!

    Great job!

  4. Thanks for sharing with us, Lynn!

  5. Great post! Enjoyed living the day over again here. Thanks for your effort of driving so far and so long to attend!

  6. Oh, Lynn, this is wonderful! I enjoyed seeing everybody, especially you and Geoffry. Thanks for sharing this event with us.

    Hope your day is very happy,

    Kathy M.

  7. Great photos, and it's nice to see Geoffry!

  8. What an awesome event...and what a cool fundraising project!

    Critter Alley


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