Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Month of Letters Week Three

It’s Week Three of A Month of Letters. Who fizzled out? Who’s still going strong? Are you having fun?

You can view Week One and Week Two of my adventure if you missed it and that way Week Three will be clear.

Day Fifteen February 15th Wednesday
I mailed three letters and received two letters.

I liked how these stripes looked on the tree.

Since I love rocks, I had to snap this one.

Day Sixteen February 16th Thursday
I mailed three letters and three birthday cards and received one letter.

I loved how these little things were peeping out from under the leaves.

The wind was blowing when I tried taking this shot and the camera kept focusing on everything but the pine leaf, but I finally caught it!

Day Seventeen February 17th Friday
I mailed five letters and received two letters.

There were a lot more holes in things than I thought there would be, some not all that round. I liked this one in the tree.

One of my favorite rocks has this cool hole in it.

Day Eighteen February 18th Saturday
Since I’ve been at a seminar all weekend, I only wrote a letter and didn’t walk it down the driveway and so, no pictures either. Hey, this is my own personal challenge, so I can slack a day, maybe I’ll add an extra day at the end. :-0

Day Nineteen February 19th Sunday
No mailing of letters, however I did write one.

Day Twenty February 20th Monday
It was President’s Day and no mail coming or going. I did write a few.

Day Twenty One February 21st Tuesday
I mailed 10 pieces of mail. Three of which I walked down the driveway, but then later that day I took more to the post office. Two were packages that I had to have weighed. Remember some of these pieces that I mailed were written from previous days that I hadn’t mailed.

I didn't think there would be so many different kinds of vines. Some were thicker than the tree they were climbing on. Here's one that's green and thin.

Here's three knarly looking ones all on one tree. They look like they have hair.

Come back next Wednesday for the Fourth and Final Week of A Month of Letters.

And it’s still not too late if you want a letter from me. Just give me an address. Chances are good that even when the month of February is over, I’ll still write you a letter.


  1. Hi Lynn,
    It was such a wonderful surprise to receive your letter and card last week.
    I immediately wrote a letter back to you. Hope you've received it my now.
    You are inspirational. Oh, and the stamps on the envelopes wee great.

  2. OMG! Donna, don't do it! Oh no, it's too late.

    Lynn will write you back, then you have to write her a reply, and the madness never ends!

  3. Yes Donna, did receive your letter - it was over the weekend when I was up to my eyeballs at a seminar. Sioux is right, I will write back and I have to laugh - the madness never ends. However, Sioux doesn't know that the person I write to doesn't HAVE to write back. It's just my thing. I have quite a few to catch up on, but I'll do it.

  4. Got your letter again...ah, yes, I have to write back myself again because I have things to say!

  5. YAY Bookie, that makes me happy!

  6. Hi Lynn! Watch your mailbox!

    hahaha-Sioux made me laugh out loud. :) All through school I had a bump on my middle finger from holding the pen so tight. It was always so ugly. I just know it's gonna come back. :(

  7. Hi Jess, I've got that same bump going on with my finger! And yes, Sioux made me laugh out loud too!

  8. Cool post--and pictures--as usual, Lynn. I love rocks, too. That stripey!

  9. I don't know how you write so many letters! I type fast (90+/min) so when I hand write something my brain is way ahead of my pen.

    Love this post and the photos. The hold in the rock is cool - it looks like a pipe coming up through it!

  10. Thanks Tammy and Lisa. Oh and Lisa, hand write slows my brain down. Not sure if that's a good thing LOL.

  11. I love your post! I need to do an update on my month of letters! It will continue into March! I've sent 45 cards and letters and have more to send! And some that have written me in return want me to write again! It's been the most fun I've had since I started a blog! Big hugs from your Florida friend, Diane ♥

  12. Glad you're having fun with this Diane. I haven't added up the total, but my last count was 40+. I'm sure I'm way over the 50 count. Hugs back.


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