Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Month of Letters Week Four (and Last)

It’s Week Four and the Final Week of A Month of Letters. The challenge has come to an end, but I will continue to write letters as long as I’m alive.

You can view Week One, Week Two and Week Three of my adventure if you missed it so you can make sense of this post.

Day Twenty-Two February 22nd Wednesday
I mailed three letters and received none.

Since I'm a rock lover, I had to post this triangular rock.

When I took this photo, I was focusing on one particular triangle (the way the branches crossed each other), but when I looked at it more closely, I noticed at least 11 triangles. Can you find that many or more?

There's an old fence dividing our property and the neighbor's. By fence I mean these posts that are made from some kind of tree with barbed wire. Most of the fence is somewhat destroyed, but here is a shot that I liked. I took pictures of each post in one of my walks down the driveway (before this letter challenge).

Day Twenty-Three February 23rd Thursday
I mailed a total of 15 pieces of mail. Three I took to the post office for postage. I received zip in the way of mail. Wah.

When I decided to do white, I wondered if I was going to find anything white except for some trash, but since I photographed trash already I hoped for something different. I was surprised to find as many. Here's the two favorites. The white on this rock.

I don't know what the technical name is for this growth on the tree, but the whiteness of it startled me.

Day Twenty-Four February 24th Friday
I mailed five letters and received two. Yay! Thank you Rita and Jess, you made my day.

I love moss. Not really sure why, but if I could, my entire yard would be covered in moss. They have an area at the Missouri Botanical Gardens that's all mossy. It's really cool.

In my yard, there's snippets of moss all over on rocks, like this one.

There's a lot of moss on trees too. I thought this one was interesting as it looked kind of hairy.

Day Twenty-Five
February 25th Saturday
I mailed one letter. Can you believe it? Just one. Didn't receive any.

Of course I had to snap these rocks that looked like they were experiencing a little togetherness. You may think I stacked them like this, but I didn't. These rocks were all separate, but when they landscaped the yard I guess they didn't want to bury the smaller ones, so they stacked them on top of each other.

These two plants looked like they wanted to be together.

Day Twenty-Six
February 26th Sunday
No mailing of letters, however I did write three.

Day Twenty-Seven February 27th Monday
I mailed the three I wrote yesterday. I received zippo.

The branches on the trees going down my driveway are the only squiggly things I found.

Except for this shot of the driveway and its squiggly cracks.

Day Twenty-Eight February 28th Tuesday
I mailed three letters today and received six pieces of mail. Whoo-hoo! Thanks Gwen, Sue J, Linda, and Maya. Yeah, I can add. Maya sent me three!

Of course I pick the least sunny day to try and take some photos of birds. They were singing like crazy. I kept looking up fearing I'd fall over something from not looking where I was going. They were chirping, tweeting, cawing, whistling, calling to one another. I heard the woodpecker pecking on wood and a bird that sounded like a woodpecker that wasn't pecking on anything. Those little critters hid well. But as I walked I caught this hawk flying in the air. Can you see him? He's almost smack dab in the middle of the photo.

Then as I reached the top of my driveway, I saw a bunch of birds flying into this tree, but I have no idea what kind of birds they are--can you see some sitting in the tree?

Day Twenty-Nine February 29th Wednesday
I mailed two letters today. Although it's the last day, it won't be my last letter by a long shot.

Unusual or Out of Place
Okay, this picture I had to include even though I didn't take it today. I took it on the 22nd (this week). Now I had been going up and down the driveway since February 1st and had not seen this particular item on the tree. I asked my husband if he put it there to surprise me. No. I still have no idea who did it or when it was actually put there. I wasn't as observant as I thought if I had been passing that every day.

The other unusual picture is this tree. I think the knarly knot sticking out (on the left) looks like a bear's head. What do you think?

Again thanks to Mary Robinette Kowal who started this challenge. And if you want to write a letter, but without the intensity of writing a letter every day for a month, you can check out Estrella’s blog and join her in the More Love Letters Bundle.

I'll leave you with this - if you think writing a letter to someone doesn't make a difference, I've got news for you...


  1. Lynn, this has been just wonderful--the letters, the pictures, all of it. And then your last line! I just got a letter from a distant relative who is into genealogy. She's eighty-five. Think I will write her tonight!

  2. Lynn--I love your photos and the things you see when you look closely.

  3. Congrats on completing this challenge, Lynn. There's nothing quite like a hand-written letter. They sure come few and far between these days!

    Critter Alley

  4. Greatjob on this month-long project, Lynn! Now what is next??
    Don't you just love someone who nags you!!! Smile!

  5. Congrats on completing the letter challenge! Super cool.

  6. You make me smile and smile and smile. I'll bet if we lived near each other you'd be my BFF. :)

  7. Your letters have made a difference in my life. That bear tree is awesome, paint it brown or black and scare the wits out of someone.

  8. Hi Lynn,
    You are amazing. Love the Saturday Child's card I received yesterday in the mail. It's true, writers do work hard for a living.
    Congratulations on being so dedicated to letter writing. Yesterday you made my day.

  9. Woot woot! Congrats on finishing the challenge.

    I love moss, too. We have retaining walls in our back yard, and they have moss on the sides and in between some of the steps. My hubby and I have talked about needed to clean it up, but we both love how it looks!

  10. Yes Tammy, you should write her - YAY.
    Sioux - what no comment about the madness never ends?
    Bookie - I've been working on other stuff besides doing this :-) nag away!
    Thanks Victoria - was so glad to see you.
    Jess - how sweet of you to say. Wow.
    Linda - that bear could scare you when you come over! LOL
    Donna - glad I made your day.
    Lisa - yes, keep that moss, are you kidding?
    Thanks everyone!

  11. Oops, Pat - I was going down the line answering everyone back and somehow I missed you. I'm still waiting for your address :-)


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