Saturday, March 3, 2012

What? More Letters?

Dear Mom,

In the month of February I had been rising to the challenge of writing letters, every day. In fact, I mailed out a total of 90 pieces (letters, cards, packages) and I received a total of 25.

I also created this notebook to keep it all organized. I still have room to add more letters, should some trickle in. Since I have extra pages left, I will keep adding names to those I write. I still owe some folks some return responses. Seems like a few of my friends felt a little slighted when I hadn't written them, so I'll add those to the list as well. Inside the notebook, I created little pockets so that I could put the letters that I received in them. I glued in the favorite photos from my walk to the mailbox.

On March 1st I walked down the driveway to deliver a letter that I had written earlier in the month, wanting to send it during this challenge, but I was waiting for a looney (Canadian money) to cover any postage for forwarding the letter on to someone since I couldn't locate an address. I'll be curious to see what happens with that letter, if anything.

Now that the challenge frees up a little time, I can devote more time to my novels, most of which are in epistolary form. I mean, hey, letter writing is my thing... which is why I write you. That and the fact that I love and miss you.

Oh and here are some pictures I took as I walked the driveway as it didn't seem right not to carry the camera with me. I noticed things growing out of the driveway.

And this picture captured my attention as this little bubble gurgled from under the blacktop. It reminded me of the song on the Beverly Hillbillies - you know where "up from the ground came...." I must have snapped a bazillion shots trying to catch the bubbling action. You really can't tell, but oh well. You'll just have to take my word for it.

It was the only wet spot on the entire driveway.


  1. Thank goodness February is over. However, something makes me think that even though the letter-writing challenge has ended, your lovely letters will not...

  2. Wow, Lynn ... 90 is a LOT! I like the idea of your special notebook.

    Going through all of the old letters and postcards that have been entrusted to me helps me to realize how important "hard copies" are.

    Glad to know that you will have more time for your novels, because I can't wait to read them.

    Have a wonderful week, and please stay safe. Hugs!

    Kathy M.

  3. Hey there letter writing woman, watch out for wet spots :)

  4. 90 letters!!! Wow! I'm impressed. That's a lot, even for you :)

  5. You don't just write. You make life more beautiful and meaningful...and that's quite a talent.

  6. Hey Sioux, you're right... won't end. Thanks Kathy, Linda, Victoria.
    Tammy - such a sweet comment.

  7. I have my long list of names and addresses that I wrote to and my basket of cards! I'd love to get it all organized. Thanks for writing to's been so nice to get to know you! And I'm glad you like your wristlet! I've sure had fun making them! Today I am making bunnies! lol ♥♥♥

  8. Diane, thanks for writing me too and you'll probably hear from me again once I get caught up! Ha. Your bunnies are adorable.


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