Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Two Anniversaries

Dear Mom,

Today is the second year anniversary of the start of this blog to you. It is also the 42nd anniversary of your death. I started this blog on the 40th anniversary - Forty Years Ago Today.

It's hard to believe that two years have passed since I started writing this blog to you. I can remember being afraid to start, but then when I thought of you, all fear disappeared. Sometimes that's all it takes to push fear aside and go right through it. Just look what I've accomplished by not letting fear take hold.

If we could sit and chat, I'd ask you - "What were you afraid of, that you did anyway? What were the results? Was it worth moving through the fear?"

There's the old expression, "Where there's love, there is no fear." I guess that's a good thing to always remember. Because what's better than love?

Loving you on this day, and every day.


  1. Sweet post, Lynn. I went back and read your very first post and the comments Suzanne and your daughter Jessica left. All brought tears to my eyes. You have a heart full of love, don't you? Reading YOU makes me examine ME. Keep writing. Don't ever let ANYTHING discourage you from sharing your heart.

  2. Wow Jess, I consider your comment so touching, and thanks for the inspiration! You're way too sweet and am so glad to get to know you through our letter writing. YAY! Good luck with your move and send your address asap. Thank you!

  3. Great post. I remember finding your blog and thinking, "Wow, what a great theme!" And you never disappoint. Your mama is smiling on you, so proud.

  4. I too went back and read your first post, since I had not met you/found your blog when you first began. What a moving beginning.

  5. I always enjoy your posts, Lynn. You've taken a terrific concept for a blog and made it into something very special.

    Critter Alley

  6. Lisa, Sioux and Pat - appreciate the kind words. You all are great and I love your blogs too!

  7. Your writing always triggers me to show appreciation. You inspire me. don;t stop blogging/writing.

  8. Oh, man 42 years.

    Lynn, I must have met you when your first got started on your blog. Did you have the cooking blogs first?

    I'm so happy to know you and count you as my friend! Congratulations as you head into your third year.

    Kathy M.

  9. Linda, I think you have that backwards - you inspire me!
    Kathy, you're way too sweet and a dear friend.

  10. I am late getting here...been remembering in my own way. We have been to Kansas preparing for the
    April farm and household auction of inlaws farm. SO much to burn, toss and then sell. Each thing reminds me of something about my mother in law...many of the things I gave her. Remembering is a good thing...as your blog proves, time flies.....

  11. Hi Lynn,
    Sorry I'm late chiming in on this. Congratulations on your two year anniversary. You are sweet to remember your mother so fondly on your blog.

  12. I can't believe you've been blogging for two years already! So many of us are glad you did, and that you continue! I went back, too, and re-read your first post. How lovely it was, and I'm glad I was able to see your daughter's drawing again, which is AMAZING! I feel truly blessed to know you, Lynn, and to call you "Friend."

  13. Claudia, read your post and it was beautiful, but sorry what you're going through.
    Thanks Donna and Becky.
    No worries about getting to the blog late, umm, I'm doing the same with other blogs. Never enough time!

  14. What a moving post, and in so few words. You brought tears to my eyes.


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