Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Month of Letters Week Two

It’s Week Two of A Month of Letters. I know three folks who are doing this challenge, is that it?

You can view Week One of my adventure if you missed it and that way Week Two will make sense.

Day Eight February 8th Wednesday
I mailed two letters, received one.

Seems logical that I’d snap a picture of the black mailbox since I’m mailing letters.

Since the landscapers left their Bobcat until they could come back with a truck, I took advantage of capturing a photo that I wouldn’t normally get to take.

Day Nine February 9th Thursday
I mailed three letters and received two.

I knew my fake tree in the front garden would provide me with some rust shots, but I felt like that was cheating. I was surprised to find these. The water meter caught my eye.

Then I thought not only did the telephone pole have some rust looking color to it, but the little silver dot things did too.

Day Ten February 10th Friday
I mailed one letter and received two.

Since I’ve been going up and down the driveway with my eyes wide open, I’ve noticed the trash. I couldn’t stand it any longer, even if it would help with my picture themes, I had to pick it all up.

I bundled up, put some gloves and boots on, grabbed the trash bags and headed out. By the time I got close to the end, the trash bag was so heavy, I was practically dragging the thing. I didn’t finish the entire driveway. I found some trash for my daughter’s Egabrag. You do know she "turns your garbage around," right?

These two pieces of trash in the photos below surprised me the most. And after I thought about it, they kind of go hand in hand - ball and glove. I'm assuming it's a ball with all the covering removed.

Day Eleven February 11th Saturday
I mailed three letters and received one.

I asked my husband for a theme suggestion for this day. At first he said snow because we received a few flakes the night before. What kind of challenge would that be? Although depending on how desperate I am, I may end up taking him up on that with the next snow. Here are my two favorites showing contrast:

Day Twelve February 12th Sunday
- no mailing of letters, however I did write one.

Day Thirteen February 13th Monday
I mailed three letters and received one.

Once again it seemed fitting to take a picture of the mailbox.

It was harder than I thought to find square things. Lots of rectangles.

Day Fourteen February 14th Tuesday Happy Valentine’s Day!
I mailed one letter and two cards. One of the cards was a birthday card--and again, I would have mailed that regardless. I received five pieces of mail!

Since it was Valentine’s Day, what better shape to keep an eye out for but heart shapes. And because it had snowed, I cheated and made this heart fearing that I wouldn't find any hearts.

So if you use your creative imagination you can see the branches how they are shaped into a heart. Towards the right just above the telephone wire.

If you look at the leaf to your right, on the bottom, it's kind of heart shaped.

Then there's my little fake tree with the bird house in it and the opening is... a heart.

Hope everyone had a day filled with love of some kind.

Come back next Wednesday for Week Three of A Month of Letters.

And it’s not too late if you want a letter from me. Email me and give me your address. I'd love to write you a letter.


  1. You are a busy bee! I like the birdhouse photo the best, but then I like birds. :) We have a bird feeder right outside the kitchen window (a big picture window in front of the table) and I LOVE sitting and watching the birds. They are so close! We get cardinals, finches, chickadees, sparrows and the occasional woodpecker. And lately we've had bluebirds which I adore...their wings are so blue it almost hurts my eyes.

  2. Nice Mom! Pictures are looking good, and great job keeping up with your letter challenge!
    Thanks for the shout out!

  3. Hey Lisa - I love birds too! When I was walking down the driveway one of the first few days of this letter challenge, I heard a strange bird chirping - something I never heard before. I couldn't get a picture of it--too high in the trees. It was a teeny tiny thing.
    Rita, remind me to give you the "garbage" I found for you! I know you'll turn it into something much more fabulous!

  4. It's amazing the things that you see when you really look! Kudos to you for being so dedicated to the letter writing challenge. You're awesome!

    Critter Alley

  5. Pat, you should email me your snail mail address :-)

  6. Yes, Lynn, you are doing a fabulous job of writing!! And I'm with you and Lisa both...I LOVE birds. We have about 5 bird feeders...some in back yard, some in front. My favorite is the cardinal. Have you noticed, Lynn, that this winter the red of their feathers is almost an orange/red? It's just beautiful! And funny thing...our State Bird is the Bluebird....but I've never seen one!

  7. Lynn, your creativity sparks my imagination. I love how you look to photograph specific things, and find them! Call it to you, and IT will come.

  8. That's right Linda. It is interesting.

  9. You are fascinating! And have such a good eye. I'm inspired. Got the letter. Working on a return. :) Have a great weekend.

  10. Wow, you've been busy I see.
    I love love love the photos you took, what a lovely way to stay present. Bet it's interesting to see how many things you notice with fresh eyes on a road you're walking down on every day.

  11. Yes Estrella, it really is interesting. I'm seeing things I've never noticed before!

  12. Hi Lynn! I am enjoying your posts of letters and themes. You are such a delight.

    Thanks so much for stopping by to see me last week, and for your kind words.

    Happy belated Valentine's Day,

    Kathy M.


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