Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dog Sitting

I agreed to dog sit for my daughter's four pooches over the weekend. What was I thinking? They each have distinct personalities. I guess you dog lovers out there know that.

The two pugs were rescue dogs, and Doc is the needy, jealous one. You can't pet the dogs without his little snoot snorting her way in.


Gramma is Miss Loveable and easygoing. All of the dogs run right over her, take her bone away, push her and she just takes it all with complete ease.


Computer is Rita's first dog and in a dream she was told to name her dog Computer. He's part pug and shitzu or something. He looks like a little ewok. He's the guard dog... of everything. He guards his food, his bone, his blanket, and if someone comes in he barks. And barks. But not a constant... a rythmic type. Bark. Wait a few seconds. Bark. Wait. Bark. Wait. Come to think of it, I've never heard any of the other dogs bark.


Goddy is a beagle and he's a combination of all of them. He's loveable, protective, takes what he wants with slyness and I have no doubt that he'd growl if anyone tried to do anything to me.


I cleared my entire schedule to give my full attention to the dogs... other than a commitment to a 50th Anniversary party. The whole time I was at the party I worried about the dogs... and my house.

  Computer and Goddy play fighting

Even though they were good and they're funny and loveable, I look forward to my quiet space. Oh and our cat - Smeagol.

  Smeagol - The Prince is upset!

He hid under the bed as soon as the dogs came in and stayed there for eight hours. When they all napped, he hightailed it, jumped the gate and has steered clear. He came up last night and meowed, but as soon as he smelled dog on me, he hissed and ran away. Smeagol will also look forward to some quiet space.


  1. Lynn--They are so cute (especially that Computer), I think you should refuse to give them back to Rita. (Just kidding.)

    Yes, I'm sure you and Sméagol will be happy when things return to least when it comes to those canines...

  2. What adorable granddogs! And you just explained why cats never seemed to like me for many years - I always smelled like dog.

  3. Four dogs is a huge commitment. I am with my grand dog constantly when she is here. I want no traumas on my watch and it is a BIG times four, wow!

    Got the book and you are right, the cover is gorgeous. Just got it yesterday and have not read anything until I can sit down and savor!

  4. Good thing the beagle isn't the barker. I have one. And he is.

  5. Oh be glad the beagle doesn't yowl. You have been a great keeper of the dogs, and now it is time to rest.

  6. So adorable, all of them. What a good Grand-doggie-mama you are to take on the whole pack at once! Poor Smeagol. He looks like he's ready to pack up and move out. LOL

  7. You're such a good doggie grandma. Four dogs at once! You're a champion.

  8. Even one extra critter can upset the household. Sounds like you handled this like a pro!

    Critter Alley

  9. FOUR? At ONE TIME? You are a saint! And a very good mama (and grandmama to those cute doggies!)

  10. Poor Smeagol ... Mama turned to the Dark Side, lol. They are all so cute!

    Kathy M.

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  12. They all look adorable - especially your cat and how unwanted he decided the visitors were ;)


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