Sunday, July 7, 2013

I Don't Remember

I’m happy and pleased to announce my article, “I Don’t Remember” will be published in Well Versed 2013.

A little back story.

I had been preparing for a 40th grade school reunion, took a trip down memory lane and was looking at my 7th grade class photo. 

I had no recollection about anything during 7th grade, specifically on “picture day.” I wrote a short piece beginning with, “I don’t remember…” Shortly after I completed the essay, Donna Volkenannt announced on her blog about a submission/contest and I decided, what do I have to lose?

Imagine my surprise. But it's no surprise that Donna took 2nd place. I'm among some wonderful writers in this anthology.

A book launch takes place in Columbia, MO on Sunday, July 14th if anyone is interested… or if you’re interested in a book, let me know. Here’s the flyer on the event:

Here’s the cover of the book. Isn’t it a beautiful?


  1. Telling you "congratulations" is becoming exhausting, Lynn! LOL Seriously, my friend, congratulations!

  2. LOL, Lisa, that's because I blog about the same publishing credits... just wanted to give details about the launch.

  3. Lynn--I had that same haircut--parted down the middle and as straight as I could get it (without ironing it, that is).

    Congratulations on getting into another publication. It sounds like the book launch will be great event.

  4. Enjoy your day, Lynn! Good for you!

  5. Congrats, Lynn! Love your school photo...thanks for sharing it! You were a cutie then, too, weren't ya?! I was butt-ugly in school...and hopefully I've outgrown THAT! :o

  6. ANOTHER publication! This is awesome. Congratulations, and on the event, too. :) I love the cover, too. Please email me information on how we get a copy. I might know several writers in there?

  7. Awesome news, Lynn. You go, girl!

    Critter Alley

  8. Looks like you are in good company! I wonder how many of us have a school picture with that same hairstyle?

  9. Yay! You sure do get published a lot, and that is always so wonderful.


    Kathy M.

    Oh, as Val said, I looked a lot like you in 7th grade too.

  10. Glad your moving piece found such a worthy publication. Adorable picture, and I'm so glad I got to see the dress. It's not nearly as bad as I pictured from your description!


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