Monday, September 14, 2015

Cooking Lesson Four - Pupcakes

The girls couldn’t spend the night this time around as they had other plans, so I picked them up on Monday morning. Because time was cut short, we couldn’t make the planned Surprise Inside Cake and we made cupcakes instead… then decorated them to look like dogs. Since there were 11 different designs, I figured there had to be a design that each one would like. They wanted to make all 11.

But first they wanted to model their hair nets.

It was going to be hard to help each one with a different design, so we drew numbers to see which one we’d do first. The first was a sheep dog. Next was a dalmatian. Then a pug. After the third one was finished, they each did their own. After they did the pups they got creative and did some of their own designs and some surprises inside their cupcakes, like one was filled with mini m&ms. Their creativeness surprised me and well… it was interesting.

Here's how we started... blank cupcake, some icing, marshmallows, cookies, and then the list goes on as the dogs were created.

Princess Dragonfly
Princess Frost

Princess Flame

And here's the rest of their cupcakes... I had to omit some of the rather "interesting" cupcakes they designed.

We all had fun. Unfortunately, Princess Dragonfly will no longer be joining us for the following lessons that are left before the summer season is over as she headed back home to Arizona. We’ll miss her and plan to send her future recipes and photos.

On the way home, we spotted a baby deer in the woods...


  1. Oh those cupcakes are so doggone cute!!! They are amazingly clever in decoration!!!!

  2. What did they make the tongues with? (They ended up really cute.)

  3. Those pups are too cute to bite!

  4. These cupcakes are as cute as the girls. One day, these young ladies will write about their cooking fun with Grandma Lynn.


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