Friday, September 18, 2015

Cooking Lesson Six - Sesame Chicken & Stir Fried Vegetables

As we always do before we begin, we figure out our schedule. Their families couldn’t make it to come and eat, so the three of us had dinner by ourselves… and we figured we’d eat around 6, but it didn’t really matter since it was just us anyway.

We started with cooking the rice as we’d need the pans for other things. While the rice was cooking, we washed and chopped the vegetables… don’t they look just beautiful and so colorful. Makes me want to have stir fried veggies every day.

After the vegetables, we made the coating for the chicken, cut up the chicken and allowed it to refrigerate until time to fry.

Last week, they wanted to do some exotic drinks, but we ran out of time, so we made sure to squeeze that in this time. Non-alcoholic of course, but this was a Blue Hawaiian. When we were at the grocery store last week, they wanted those little umbrellas to put in the drink. I told them I had some already. They thought I was lying since I told them the answer was “no” to anything else they wanted in the store that day. When I pulled out the umbrellas, I said, “You thought I lied to you, didn’t you?”
“Well, Grandma-ma Purple Plum doesn’t lie.” And you can see the cute umbrellas in their drinks.

After the Blue Hawaiian’s, believe it or not, it was time to start the sauce that would go over the chicken. It was relatively quick and once we added the mixture of the cornstarch, the sauce thickened up lickety-split.

Then on to frying the chicken pieces in olive oil. The girls started acting silly (gosh, can you believe that?) and I had to get firm and tell them, oil can be extremely dangerous and I don’t want you getting burned, so you are going to have to pay attention and settle down. They soon found out what I was talking about when the oil popped and hit them. I asked if they could imagine having a whole pot of oil splashed on them. No way! They had a bit more respect for the hot oil after that.

My brother-in-law Bud stopped in to pick up some Superfood and as he watched the girls fry chicken, it made him nervous, so he was anxious to get his goods and split.

After the chicken, we started stir frying the vegetables. I told the girls they could put in whatever they wanted to eat… but soon, every kind of vegetable ended up in the pan.

Once we finished cooking, we sat down with our plate of food to chow down. Even the picky eater, Princes Flame, ate more than I’ve ever seen her eat. She wasn’t sure if she was going to like it, but clearly she did!

I love how Princess Frost exclaims her food, “It’s delicious!” If you hear the way she says ‘delicious” you’d know what I was talking about.

Later that evening, they were on the prowl for ghosts for next cooking lesson/dinner.

Before they left, Princess Frost decided to dress herself up...

Sadly, next lesson will be our last…


  1. Quite an operation going on in the kitchen! But delicious looking results!

  2. Why your last, Lynnie? :( That stir fry looks delish. I made a stir fry this past week, but it didn't look that yummy,and I didn't have sweet helpers like you did.

  3. I'm sorry to hear the lessons are coming to an end. Though I have to say this one made me soooo hungry!

  4. My mouth waters for the meal, but my skin shies away from the popping oil!

  5. Now I want stir fry, and it is breakfast time. You could open a cooking school and impart your culinary skills to lots of children. Just don't take them shopping :)


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