Friday, February 26, 2016

Sioux's Book Blurb Friday #3

I didn't think I'd have time to play this Book Blurb Friday thing, but I'm managing to fit it in. It is amazing what you can cram into a day when you put your mind to it. Now granted, I'm not spending much time with these because I want it to be F.U.N. When I start to stress about this word usage or that, I'm going to quit. Just saying.

Check out Sioux's blog for the details of this 150 word book blurb and give it a try.

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Here is my 76 word book blurb:

Lily and Logan were best friends before they could talk. Quite the opposites, they both had a stubborn streak—neither would give. When Logan insisted on having the Volkswagon van checked before their trip, Lily shrugged. Stranded in an unfamiliar country and not speaking to one another, they had no idea someone lurked beyond the bend. Would they put aside their hard-headedness and pull together—or would something else take place surprising both Lily and Logan? 

And on a side note: Today my momma, if still alive, would have been 99! She's the one that helped me let go of fear to do this blog. See my first post.


  1. Lynn--It's odd that you'd use the phrase "hard-headed" when it comes to something related to me. ;)

    Thanks for keeping this fun. I agree. I don't spend too much time on mine... I just want to stretch my muscles a bit.

  2. I liked the humor in this one. Great job!

    Critter Alley

  3. Great story starter as well as blurb. Today is anniversary of my dad's death. He would be 99 on the 3/13

  4. SURPRISE! That's my guess. I don't see them pulling together non-hard-headedly.

  5. Pretty good for fast...I agree keep it fun!!! I still have nothing yet this week. Glad you are playing!

  6. Very nice, Lynn.
    Your mom and my dad were born just a year apart. Last week would've been my dad's 100th birthday.

  7. I'll take surprise too (but maybe pulling together eventually).


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