Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What's the Weirdest Food You've Eaten?

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A friend suggested that a good blog post would be to ask, “What is the weirdest food you’ve eaten?”

I’ll start it off. My mom made gizzards and gravy for dinner when I was a kid. I’d spoon those rubbery innards floating in gravy over egg noodles. And I loved it. I ate them like a pig getting filet mignon instead of corn hash. Serve gizzards and gravy now to any kid and they’d leap from the table begging to clean their room instead. Hey, there’s a way to get something done by kids.

Those were good size gizzards I ate back then, so I’m not sure what animal they were from because the gizzards I happen to see occasionally in whole chickens (sometimes there aren’t any) look pee-wee compared to the gizzards I gobbled up as a kid. But since the gizzards were cooked in gravy, they became tender—well, as tender as a rubbery organ can become.

Even the name gizzard doesn’t sound appetizing, does it? I was the kind of kid that tried anything put in front of me, and usually ate it with gusto! Gizzard Gusto!

What’s your weird food?


  1. Alligator might be the weirdest food for me. But then like you I grew up eating squirrel which will now gag younger people. While teaching, I learned the students, even here on Ozarks edge, had no idea people ATE squirrels.

  2. Kalamari (spelling), which I know lots of people love. And snails from the sea (NOT from the garden).

  3. Weirdest food...alligator, I guess, and some type of snake (they were called "snake bites"), both of which tasted like chicken. :)

  4. I guess I'm just not weird enough. I can't think of any unusual food I've eaten. Squirrel and gizzards were pretty routine meals at our house.

    I do wish I had tried a pickled pig's foot from the jar my grandpa kept in the refrigerator. I wouldn't taste one now, of course...

  5. Pickled pigs feet were delicious, but I wouldn't suck on one of those knuckles now for a million bucks. What else? Ox tails, roe: fish eggs...otherwise known as caviar, and someone in Mexico told me I was eating lizard, but I doubt it.

  6. I tried an oyster once, and nearly gagged.

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