Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How Long?

Dear Mom,

Ruthie and I were having a conversation the other day trying to remember how long we lived in our old house on St. Denis before we moved in with Dad and Clara. Sue and Frank were having a house built and they moved in with Ruthie and me. Looking back it seems weird that we did not live with Dad and Clara right from the get-go. It certainly wasn’t Sue and Frank’s responsibility to take care of us, but maybe that was the trade off for them to stay at the house while their house was being built. Guess that’s a question for Sue to answer as neither of us can figure it out.

We both remembered finishing out the school year at Sacred Heart and at some point, a teacher, Ms. Jacks had given us a ride to Clara’s house after school. My mind is blank as to how we got to school. Perhaps Dad dropped us off on his way to work. Having a teacher give you a ride was a humiliating experience. Don’t get me wrong, Ms. Jacks was a really sweet lady. She could have been Mary Tyler’s Moore twin in looks and attitude. But there was something about your schoolmates watching you get into the back seat of a teacher’s car. I’d like to thank Ms. Jacks for doing that as I’m sure I was totally ungrateful back then.


  1. Lynn, I just love this. I find it so fascinating the things we remember and the things we don't. Some are just everyday kind of memories, and some are due to a huge occurance, whether it be wonderful or tragic. I'm so pleased to "remember" right along with you!

  2. I hope you are able to get some answers. It is interesting once you start poking around in the attic of your mind, isn't it?


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