Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool!

Dear Mom,

I’m not blogging anymore.

April Fool.

My kids always liked to April Fool me. The one I fell for the most was when Rita rang the doorbell to the front door. When I opened it she was bawling and bent over, spurting, “I stabbed myself…” I could see a pencil stuck through her hand. I about had a heart attack. Rita laughed like a hyena, and shouted, “April Fools!” I wanted to smack her, and probably said, “Don’t you ever do that again. That’s not funny.” But then I started laughing because she did such a realistic rendition of a pencil stabbing.

I don’t remember doing this, but they all told me that one April Fool’s I got them really good. I set all the clocks ahead one hour, then ran into their rooms shouting, “You’re late for school! Hurry up, you gotta catch the bus! I can’t drive you, I have to get to work, hurry!” I gave it my best panicked mother voice. They all jumped up and then I casually told them, “April Fools!” and we all ate breakfast together. You’d think I’d remember such a good prank, but I don’t.


  1. Seems like we always had an April Fool's prank as kids. Now I use it more as a way to remember my elderly aunt's birthday.

    Nothing like having April 1 as a birthdate!

  2. I clearly remember when you got us up early. You were laughing your damn head off! Seriously, you were so proud of yourself, I think you might have even been slapping your knees.

    What a bum out. :)

  3. My dad got me one year -- woke me up to "see the four white horses in the front yard." I fell for it, of course. Since I was only 5 he made my early wake-up call worthwhile and zoomed me away for a ride on his motorcycle, which was way better than any 'ol horses...

  4. Yeah man that pencil prank was awesome.. i said i fell on the bus btw, you can thank casey for leavin some fake blood around ;)

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  6. Too many typos in the last one. I love April Fool's Day. One year Bill had just bought a new truck. We stopped at an estate sale. I ran in the house and said, "Someone hit your truck parked on the corner." He ran out of that house, and when we got to the truck, I said, "I'm outta here!" He almost left me.

  7. Thanks everyone - it's always fun hearing other April Fool stories.


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