Monday, April 19, 2010

Prayer Card

Dear Mom,

Something else that Suzanne brought over the other day was a prayer card that was Dad’s. On the back, written in his handwriting was a message that said something like: Rem (can’t tell what the first word is, maybe short for Remember) for my first holy com. (communion) from mamma and papa for Edmund.

I thought it was sweet that he referred to his mother and father as mamma and papa. It makes me think of Dad in a different way for some reason. Like wondering what he was really like as a kid. I’ve heard stories. One that I was told not to tell as long as his sister Hilda was alive, but since they are both gone now, perhaps it’s okay. According to a relative, Aunt Hilda was particular about her things and she had her own washcloth because she was really careful about her face. Having your own washcloth back then was kind of a rare thing. Imagine that? I guess Dad didn’t like that so he snuck into the bathroom when she wasn’t looking and blew his nose in her washcloth. I can see him now giggling. Boys will be boys.

Did you do anything like that to your siblings?


  1. You know, I didn't pull any pranks. I am the baby of the family, so I was more often on the receiving end. My brother picked some little hot red peppers from my mom's front garden once, melted down a chocolate candy bar and rolled the peppers in the chocolate and told me they were chocolate covered raisins. *sigh* He's one of my dearest pals now, but then...oh, geez! LOL

  2. Wow Lisa, what a clever brother to be so creative to get you to eat the peppers. My brother would probably have told me to just eat it as if it were something good and I would have (not so bright) trusting that what he said was the truth.

  3. All that sibling stuff. Luckily we do seem to appreciate each other more as we age!

  4. My brother is only 15 months older than I am. When we were little, we got along pretty well, and I was a real tomboy. There were mostly boys on the little dead-end street where we lived. BUT, I do have one memory, in particular, of a "trick" that he just loved to play on me. Sweet, little trusting me, I fell for it more than once or twice, too. I was 5 or 6 years old and we would walk into the bedroom we shared (yes..we had bunk beds) the evening, when it was dark, we'd walk in there and Mike would turn on the light switch. After I walked in and sat down to start playing a game of some sort, he'd turn off the light switch, close the door on me and run screaming out of there! I'd get hysterical and he'd get in trouble!! No wonder I'm afraid of the dark AND claustrophobic!!

  5. I don't remember us really playing tricks on each other like that. I did jump out of a tree once to make sure it wouldn't hurt if someone fell. Casey was attaching a rope from the tree to the shed on k and we were going to slide down the rope with a hanger, but just in case the rope break, some one had to make sure it wouldn't hurt to fall. But I think I volunteered, but he let me do it. Oh, it didn't hurt, and the rope was successful.


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