Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Dear Mom,

I wonder what you would think about the technology out today especially with phones. The latest is the IPhone, I think. I’m not very techy, although I try my best to keep up.

My children would be mortified if they had to use a rotary dial phone that you shared with another family. Party lines. If you picked up the phone and heard voices, you knew the neighbor was on the other end and you quickly hung up. You’d have to wait your turn to use it.

Now, no one can be without their phone. I can. I keep mine in the car unless I know I’m meeting someone. Once Norm and I went on vacation and we decided we weren’t going to bring our phone. I suggested we take it in case of an emergency, but Norm insisted, nah. We did get into a situation where a cell phone would have come in quite handy and he vowed to listen to me from then on. But he doesn’t. But that’s okay. He’ll learn eventually.

The IPhone has Internet and can do just about anything except the laundry. It would make me crazy, but I’m sure at some point that will be the only kind of phone you’ll be able to get. It also makes me crazy when you’re out with someone and they get a phone call and they talk and chat away while you’re sitting there twiddling your thumbs. Just like waiting for the party line to free up.


  1. I remember party lines! Now it seems like a hundred years ago.

    I can't use the fancy phones either. "Just give me one that sends and receives calls, please!"

  2. I have a cell phone...and my husband is always complaining that I never answer it. I put it on vibrate for work and then forget to put the sound back on...oh, well!

  3. I see the good and bad in both. The only thing I will never do is check out at a store or restaurant while on my phone. If I see some one do that, I will punch them. Not really but I will say mean things.

  4. I heard that cell phones will replace computers. Eee gads, I can barely figure out how to delete a blog comment. I do remember party lines, and also when phone numbers had less than seven digits and a phone booth call was a nickel and then a dime. Eee gads, I am dating myself.


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