Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vagina Monologues

Dear Mom,

It might have been a little uncomfortable for you and women of your era to have watched your granddaughter in the Vagina Monologues, but let me tell you Jessica did a fantastic job, as did the other volunteers in the performance. I think she did the best, but then I am her mother.

What most folks do not understand is the underlying cause—to bring awareness and raise money to stop violence against women, especially those committed against the women and girls from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Eve Ensler wrote the Vagina Monologues and began this movement. All I can say is what a woman.

Jessica believes in the cause and I know that’s why she got involved. Jessica worked hard at her part and I do wish you could have seen her. Even though her performance had a hidden sadness to it, she was hysterical. She played the part of an older woman who had a “flood—down there.”

If my vagina could talk it would say, “Jessica you were amazing and I’m so proud.” (You had to be at the show to understand that.)

Mom, here she is in all her glory. I believe you would’ve been proud too.


  1. Congratulations on her performance! I have heard of the Vagina Monologues but have never seen the play. It sounds very worthwhile. I will look for more info.

  2. That's wonderful! I'm glad the play went well. You must have been very proud!

  3. Your daughter looks so much like you! She's a cutie, obviously!! Congrats to daughter and proud mom!!

  4. My Vagina would say "Dood Dob Didter!"


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