Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Dear Mom,

We had bake sales at school but I never remember you baking anything for them. I wonder about my memory. I imagine after nearly raising two kids, then two more coming along in your forties, then getting sick, it must have been exhausting. I doubt I would’ve baked anything.

Cupcakes seemed like the best bang for the money. How can you go wrong with a cupcake?

I’d like to tell you now they have cookbooks on cupcakes and they’re pretty clever in their design. I’ve made a few. Spaghetti cupcakes were the first and they were really good.

I made the puppy dogs for Logan’s birthday. You were suppose to make each cupcake a different dog. It was painful enough making all the dogs the same.

I’m a member of the North American Rock Garden Society and hosted the annual planning meeting. I made garden cupcakes. Again, you were to make different cupcakes: rows topped with lettuce, carrots, and peas. Then a few with shovels and seeds. I made all shovels and seeds since it seemed more appropriate.

The last cupcakes I made came from a mold. Ice cream cones. My best friend bought it for me thinking I’d have fun making them for the grandkids. I made them for their birthday, but it wasn’t exactly fun. They wouldn’t stand up. They didn’t puff up either, so I stuffed the top with mini-marshmallows. Learned that from the pup cupcakes.

I don’t even know if they have bake sales any more. Wonder what a cupcake would go for now?


  1. I'm impressed that you do all that baking. I confess to being a slacker in the baking department. *sigh* I baked all the time when my kids were little, but not anymore. Love the dogs! They are really cute.

  2. Lynn, not only are you a talented writer and chef, baker, but you are an artiste. WOW! If I baked them, I'd eat them. How do you stay so thin?

  3. I dont know if they have bake sales anymore. I know when i was in elementary school there was a point when we could no longer bring in home made baked goods for our birthday to share with the class. Everything had to be store bought for safety reasons. It sucked actually.


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