Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Anniversary Sue & Frank

Dear Mom,

Today is Sue and Frank’s 41st wedding anniversary. Can you believe it? I remember when Sue and Frank were dating. When Frank would come to the house, he reminded me of Popeye—his build after Popeye ate his spinach. Frank was in the Navy then, so it made sense to me as a kid. Popeye the sailor man.

You were sick then, but able to make it to their wedding. No one thought 11 months later you'd be gone. Suzanne tells me that originally you were going to sew her wedding dress, but then Aunt Electa told Suzanne that she may want to find someone else as she didn’t think you were really up to it. You were apparently going to make Ruthie’s and my dress too since we were the Junior Bridesmaids. But some other lady ended up doing them all.

Suzanne dug out this picture for me. It seems odd to me that I am as old as you were in that picture.

The color of the picture isn’t true as the photographer had a problem with his camera and all the pictures didn’t turn out very well—in color anyway.

I remembered it rained that day and I think most of their anniversaries since have been rainy at some point. I guess there’s still a chance for rain today, who knows.

Married forty-one years—wow!


  1. I didn't know uncle frank was in the navy.. this is like my family history blog..


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