Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Dear Mom,

I remember you made Jell-O Easter Eggs one year. They didn’t have molds back then. You pain stakingly blew the egg yolk from a small opening, filled it with Jell-O and after it set, you cracked it like a hard boiled egg. Voila, we had red, yellow, green and orange Jell-O eggs. Pretty impressive. I make them with molds and they can be kind of a pain.

Rita must get her creativeness from you as I never would have thought to do that, nor would I have had the patience. Knowing you, and your frugalness (another trait I inherited) every time you made breakfast with eggs, you blew the yolk out to save the shell for the Jell-O eggs.

I hope seeing the sheer delight on our faces was thanks enough.


  1. that was sweet mum.. and does that mean salmonella isnt in the jello?

  2. Rita, I'm sure your grandmother cleaned them out really well - I don't remember anyone getting sick :-)


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