Thursday, April 29, 2010

Little Kids

Dear Mom,

I had been thinking about a photo that Suzanne had when Dad was a little boy. He is like the spitting image of Warren’s son Cole. But it also made me think that I have never seen any pictures of you and your family when you were little, except for Aunt Edna since she was in your wedding and she was just a little girl.

Why aren’t there any pictures? No camera? Just not picture takers? Does someone in the family have them and I have just never seen them? I really wonder what you looked like when you were little. I don’t ever remember seeing a baby picture or anything from earlier days. That seems to be a mystery to unravel.

I guess after seeing that picture of Dad and how much Cole resembles him, I wondered if any other of the kids in the family look like you. When my kids saw the picture of your sister Jeannette, they thought Jessica looked like her. It never occurred to me, but I could see the resemblance.

Wish I could see some pictures of you in your younger years.

(Dad) Edmund (to the left), Uncle Harold (middle), Aunt Hilda (right) Moellering


  1. Those old photos are so "funny"...not ha-ha, but "strange"....No one is ever smiling (usually), even children. Times were certainly different "back then"!

  2. I always love looking at vintage photos. We're so lucky now. Practically everything is recorded for posterity!


  3. Becky - I agree, back then they never did smile.
    Pat - It bothers me when I have vintage photos and have no idea who they are! Although I'm terrible at always writing on the back of the picture of giving a name on the digital file.

  4. Lynn, I used to "holler" at my mom when I'd go through all the old pictures with her....and most would have no names, no dates, etc.! Now I've been doing the exact same thing for years! What's the matter with me?! :o


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