Monday, March 29, 2010

My StepMom Clara - Another Anniversary

Dear Mom,

Dad remarried about a year and a half after your death. I was surprised to learn much later that Clara was your cousin, and in your younger years, a dear, close friend. I love this picture of the two of you, and it’s kind of weird—my mom and stepmom. Who would have thought? I don’t know the date of this photo and I wondered about the fashion—you in a long coat and Clara in a short style.

It was a difficult period of time, all of us adjusting. For a while I didn’t do so well and held a lot of resentment. I learned a great deal. That in itself makes it all worth the pain I went through. It taught me how to be a better mother and stepmother—a skill I had no idea I would need. At times I fail miserably at being both mother/stepmother.

I’m glad I was able to repair any damage from those days, and before Clara's passing. For all the grief I had caused her, my dad told me she liked me best (sorry di-di’s), but then again, maybe my dad was delirious.

Today is the anniversary of her passing: Clara (Burke) Krueger Moellering.

Maybe you both are having fun together again.


  1. That's fascinating. I love the picture of the two sisters together. I think you may have the basis here for a wonderful short story...or even a novel!

  2. Thanks Pat! Something to think about... to go along with the other bazillion ideas I have floating around in my head.

  3. This picture takes me back to my childhood when all of my aunts wore hats with veils. You have a way of capturing an honest emotion. I can remember feeling resentment towards my stepdad. I would not refer to him by name, only as 'him' for the longest time.
    Pat's right, this has short story written all over it.


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