Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cover Up

Dear Mom,

When I was telling you about Rita and the Bra Blanket she created, Rita asked if I remembered what she titled it for the art show. I said I didn’t remember.

“Cover Up.” Rita had a big smile on her face. I understood the double meaning and agreed it was really clever. Sometimes I’m on the ball.

Rita is beginning to think she takes after me because she couldn’t remember the boy who sat on her plastic utensil chair. I reminded her that she came home so angry and wanted to just give up on the project completely. She remembered her anger but thought it was because the lights in the case where the artwork was displayed caused the glue to melt which in turn made her life size plastic utensil fall apart. She was constantly performing surgery on it.

I forgot to ask what she called the life size plastic utensil. I’m sure it was something clever as well.

One thing about forgetting things—when they come up again, you’re just as surprised and impressed as you were the first time. I’m looking forward to finding out about the plastic utensil’s title.


  1. Be sure to share it when you figure it out!

  2. Tee-hee! That's a very optimistic view of forgetting things!



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