Sunday, June 6, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On

Dear Mom,

I was quite surprised when I received the coolest coffee mug from my dear friend Sue in Japan. She must have felt sorry for me or something after I had written her probably whining about my lack of motivation in writing or being stuck in writing or just the struggle of writing.

When I first opened it, I saw Snoopy and Woodstock and I thought my friend Amy would be so jealous (she’s a Snoopy fan). Then I realized Snoopy was sitting at a typewriter. Cool. Then I understood the message. More coolness. It takes me a while. When I saw my name on it, well… it made it all the more perfect.

My friend told me that she got one for herself—she’s a writer too! She also told me her first car was a yellow VW Super Beetle with bondo gray on the fenders as if it was going to be repainted, but never was. Because of the yellow color, she named her car Woodstock.

I love when I learn more about friends.

Sue probably doesn’t know that I always dreamed my first car would be a bright yellow VW Beetle. Instead I bought a cheap silver Buick Skylark GTO. I think. It had some kind of double something or another that would allow it to take off faster when you stepped on the gas. Don’t ask me I never did it. Guys would drool over it.

I’d much rather drool over coffee mugs, like this one.


  1. Very cute mug. The coffe/tea you drink from it will taste sweeter because it was a gift from someone who "gets it". Thoughtful, too!

    My first car was a Buick Skylark, but I don't remember the year; late 60's, early 70's probably. I named her Betsy. She wasn't much of a looker, but she got me where I needed to go. :)

  2. Thanks Pat and Lisa. That's funny Lisa that we had the same type of car, although I could be wrong with the name - I'll have to dig up a picture if I still have one and post it for you.

  3. What a wonderful and thoughtful friend you have! That is soooo cool. I think we (women) writers tend to be like that...wonderful,! :D

    My first car was an old Mustang, GIVEN to me, by my late sister. She bought it used, had it for years, and then bought a new one and gave the old one to me. It was a classic....1960-something, white, with lots of rust and no a/c! But I loved it!! (that was in 1977. I was a recent divorced mom, with a young son, and making minimum wage!) I never thought to give it a name!


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