Thursday, October 6, 2011

Book Blurb Friday #32

It’s Book Blurb Friday #32. Holy Moly, I haven’t played since #20. So the idea, for anyone new, is to write a book blurb based on the photo (that being the cover of the book) and you must do it in 150 words or less. Check out Lisa Ricard Claro’s blog for more details on BBF. This week’s photo is by Kathy Matthews.

My attempt at 68 words!

Forestry Fantasy?

Forest Ranger Obermoeller knew every tree in Pine Valley like her father, grandfather and generations before them. Forestry ran through their blood. But that’s not all that ran through their veins. Obermoeller openly shares the magic that took place in the forest just before sunset. Can trees communicate? Truth or fantasy? You'll also find out what world-renowned horticulturist and naturalist Rich Green had to say about Obermoeller’s claim.


  1. Magic in the forest sounds like an intriguing story. Count me in!


  2. Welcome back, O! Yes, I think they can. I can't wait to read your book and learn more.

    Great job, btw.

    Hope your weekend is grand, and I remember that I still owe you a letter.


  3. Oh, the forest IS a magical place - seems to work for all the fairy tales!

    Great job!

  4. Forest Ranger Obermoeller sure has followed her true calling (hee hee get it?) if she can communicate with the trees! This take is as refreshing as a pine forest!

  5. Magic in a place named Pine Valley and a Forest Ranger named Obermoeller is all I need to hear. Since All My Children was canceled, Erica Kane needs an outlet! :) I love the idea of trees communicating with each other. Who says they don't?

  6. Lynn,
    I like the idea of a magical forest and I know that forest ranger Obermoeller will get to the bottom of the mystery. Count me in!

    Thanks for stopping by and your nice comments about the photo (not mine) and the poem - glad you enjoyed them.

  7. Lisa and I are on the same wave length again. Pine Valley immediately evoked All My Children, although it hass been over twenty years since I broke my addiction.

    This story would be perfect reading alone on a dark, rainy night.


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