Friday, October 14, 2011

Book Blurb Friday #33

It’s Book Blurb Friday #33. Check out the fabulous and lovely Lisa Ricard Claro’s blog to play BBF. Basically you write a book blurb based on the photo (that being the cover of the book) and you must do it in 150 words or less. This week’s photo taken by yours truly!

Just a reminder for any of you out there. I had stopped playing for a while as I stressed out so much wanting my blurb to be the best. I compared myself to others and my Inner Critic shut me down. Recently I told the Inner Critic to go on a little vacation – that and the help of my critique group (thanks guys!), I decided to play again – FOR FUN! Fun, you hear me? It gets the creative juices flowing and well, I’m not going to worry about being good enough. So, want to have FUN? Play along or just play and be creative! Oh and you can read Mary Carroll Moore’s book, Your Book Starts Here to learn more about this Inner Critic.

Now on with BBF – here it is in 57 words.

Revealing Stone

Hidden in the hills of the ancient Red Stone people that once housed a thriving, peaceful community is a stone. This is no ordinary stone. Obermoeller’s discovery reveals the mysterious answer to what happened to this loving group that vanished without a trace thousands of years ago. And that’s not all that Obermoeller discovered about this stone…


  1. Glad you shut your IC up! I too have been absent, have missed the FUN! I so wonder what else she found out there in the cliffs? The cliff dwellers always prompt mysteries and secrets!

  2. Good to have you back, Lynn. I've missed the adventures of Obermoeller. I'm glad you realized this isn't a contest.
    Now I'm simply going to have to buy this book, because in a very few words you've piqued my curiosity to the point where I wish these were real book blurbs, and not just for fun, as you so wisely put it. See you next week, I hope.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. I'm telling you, that Obermoeller is one talented lady. And now she's out finding magic stones! I think her Inner Critic should go on vacation to some cliffs and fall off.

  4. I always love your blurbs, Lynn. You feature such a charming heroine!


  5. Tammy is right. In fact, I see that IC character standing very close to the edge of that cliff. I think I'll walk over and...Aaaaaaaw! Oops, I'm so sorry. I just pushed IC off the cliff and down into the dark abyss.

    (And it's such a long way down to the bottom, NO ONE could survive that fall. So sing a song, say a prayer, let some rose petals flutter down in sympathy. IC. is. dead. for good.)

  6. I appreciate the comments - especially about the IC as it seems to be called. You all are so funny. And you write more on my comments than I do on my actual blurb! LOL. For some reason I have that song (which of course I don't know the words, but I hear the tune in my head - in Wizard of Oz when the soldiers march or the witch dies - okay, so I'm confused. But I'm picturing IC melting away...

  7. Hey, Lynn ... you have my attention! Can't wait to learn more about the secret of the stone. Did the people melt into it after death, or what?

    I'm glad that you told that inner critic to get lost. I have been having a hard time too, but try to keep going. This week I had fun with The Flintstones. I look at BBF as my weekly writing assignment for writing school. These weeks with Lisa have been my only fiction writing ever, and I haven't gone further than 150 words, but now I have many starts to stories. Plus, I know how to let a photo spark my imagination now.

    Have a wonderful weekend,



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