Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chicka Peeps aka WWWP

Dear Mom,

I meet with four incredibly talented writers. I've heard us called Chicka Peeps or WWWP (Wild Women Wielding Pens). Don’t you just love either name? I’m going to miss the next meeting (tonight, if I have managed to post this ahead of time and correctly) and it makes me sad. I don’t really know them all that well yet but I feel a kinship with them that opens my heart… and inspires me to write (better). Guess that’s what a good critique group does.

Here’s a few general things that I took away from the last meeting—first of all, I will never go straight to bed. I will stay up and write until I can’t hold the pen any longer. (I will be a real WWWP.) I tossed and turned so much when I went to bed after the last meeting and I didn’t even drink any caffeine. I must have been on a high of writing. My brain was like a runaway train. It jumped track, collided with other trains, chugged along processing information. I wanted to beat myself up for not taking advantage of this excess energy, however, there’s no more of that—beating myself up!

Linda inspired me to be more disciplined.
Sioux inspired me to change my attitude.
Tammy inspired me to use humor.
Beth inspired me to market myself.

All of these things are going to take some work on my part. These women have inspired me to have a more relaxed frame of mind. They have inspired me in more ways than I've expressed or that I can imagine. I will miss those WWWPCPs!


  1. Ahhh, Lynn, you can't imagine how your Dear Vera letters have inspired me, not to mention your lovely home, your wonderful personality, your refreshing honesty, oh slap me! We are going to miss you this evening! Yes, we are all connected by more than pen and ink.

  2. Lynn--I can't speak for the other three of our fearsome fivesome, but I too am inspired by each member of our group. However, I don't think you have a clue about your own talent and what you bring to the group. Perhaps that will happen soon...

    We DID miss you. We laughed, we shared, we eavesdropped. But it wasn't the same without you.

    I'm really looking forward to our next meeting in two weeks...hope you're having fun.

  3. And you, Lynn, inspire ME to try new forms and genres. We missed you last night...but, we did enjoy some laughs (as always). We'll get you up to speed when you return ; )

  4. Missed you at the meeting, but we will have to fill you in next time about what you missed. You continue to inspire me with your honesty and warmth. Letter writing is an art, and you are an artiste extraordinaire.


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