Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Friend or Foe?

Dear Mom,

My stepson, Todd and his new bride, Sam left on their honeymoon to Hawaii. They have four dogs and two cats and needed babysitters. They divvied them out to anyone they could find. We were lucky to get Wee, a miniature Pincer.

I asked Todd if Wee’s ever been away from home and he said no. I was thinking, oh great, I’m going to be having a lovely time. Add that to the fact that our Smeagol is a big scaredy cat when it comes to dogs. I was pretty sure I’d be pulling my hair out.

Wee has to be the best behaved and the sweetest dog I’ve come across. We instantly bonded and she hasn’t left my side since she’s been here. Smeagol is no where to be seen, although he occasional comes around meowing a pitiful sound as if he’s heart broken. He wants to let me know he’s unhappy. I talk to Smeagol letting him know Wee is just temporary and that Wee wants to be friends. Wee gets so excited she runs up to Smeagol causing him to tear off running. Wee is actually smaller than Smeagol.

Smeagol sits on my lap in the morning while I contemplate and write. One morning Wee was in Smeagol’s spot. Smeagol got as close as he could without being on my lap. But as soon as Wee tried to give Smeagol a little sniff, Smeagol hissed and ran away. It was progress.

As I write this, we are in day three of the ten days I’ll have Wee. I’ll post an update the next week and let you know if the two ever became friends. It’s all on Smeagol’s terms—but isn’t that they way of cats? Can you see that Mr. Smeag isn't all that happy with Wee?


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  1. After a year and a half, my son's cat will finally allow the dog to walk past. When I introduced my cat and dog, I fed them a few feet apart and moved their bowls closer each time. It worked. Have fun with your sweetie.

  2. Love this post! We've been working on getting the cat and dog to love each other for three years and they just don't speak the same language!

  3. Yippee! So we'll get to see Wee tomorrow evening? I always want to snuggle Smeagol, but he's too fast for me--maybe Wee will be willing to snuggle?

  4. Wee looks very much at home there...he might want to stay forever! Your cat would really be in fit then, wouldn't he?

  5. Great post. You are such a sweetie to dog sit.
    Wee is a cutie, and I love the photo of Wee and Smeagol.

  6. What a sweet face on that little Wee!

    Of course Smeagol is unhappy. He does not want to share Mom!

    Critter Alley

  7. Love that last picture! Wee looks like she's a little horrified because she's trying so hard.... Poor Smeag! Anxious to hear how it turns out.

  8. Lynn, I am wondering if, after Wee goes home, how long Smeagol will boycott your lap? I hope that he will opt for forget and forgive! Great post.

    Kathy M.

  9. Linda, great idea about the food. I'll have to remember that next time.
    Sorry Sioux, no Wee when you come.
    Bookie, I guess Smeagol would get used to it, but I'm not sure I would!
    Thanks Donna, Pat, Tammy and Kathy - Smeagol is all better - check out next Tuesday's post.


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